Computer Government

This is data of the INEI (National Institute of Statistic and Computer science) institution manipulated by the turn government as always. In the government of Fujimori (Felix Murillo-Economist and my ex–professor in the university), in government of Toledo (Farid Matuk-Economist) and now in government of Alan Garci’a (Renan Quispe-Economist), that is to say professionals who only inform statistical data to be well with the person who them contract that is to say, the turn government. In my opinion a head of the INEI must be independent and a good professional. But the worse thing of this is the government uses money of the town to put propaganda in radio, television and newspapers to say that they have reduced to the poverty and that this is something historical. Although it is for reducing the poverty must save that money of the propaganda and use it in social projects.

The government says that under the poverty and is infantile undernourishment, the education level this lowest one in Peru, but under Latin America. In Peru every day there is but violence, but delinquent in the streets, there is terrorism, there is vandalism, it is a society without course. When one sees by the streets, the society this impoverished, is so poor that the children in FIST are dying by the cold that there is at the moment and the medical slugs in FIST only there are pastillitas and every week they die young with pulmona and to the all this government he says that the low poverty. Reason why I can affirm that Mr. Renan Quispe is Psychologist of Masses, and this working in the population of our territory so that it depersonalizes, good that has also made Fujimori, the thief that I take in weight our country and now returns with their daughter. Tpac Isaac II Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos. bubok.