Dog homes for the discerning dog Morbach, the 15.05.211. The company dog BBs Dreamhome was founded by Sabine Raaf in November 2010. As a dog owner it has developed for months a concept together with your husband to the implementation and marketing of exclusive dog houses. Dog BBs Dreamhome behind a dog Villa, made at a very high level, which differs from the classic Kennel by their distinctive design and using high-quality materials. The dog houses are matched to customer needs technically and optically perfect. Houses in the program are currently in the style of a water mill, a Spanish finca, a modern house and a Black Forest House.

A further development, as well as an expansion of the product range are currently in planning. Currently new concepts are created together with an architect. No wishes remain with the House of “Unique”. Offered here as exact replicas of the home or replicas of famous buildings. They are manufactured Dog houses, lovingly crafted in its own production facility. BBs Dreamhome with a prestige object that standard completely isolated and is adjustable in size, design and equipment to dog. (Sabine RAAF)