Intensive Treatment

They are women who, having its children in situation of internaohospitalar, open hand of other aspects of its life to pass more tempocom these children. People who had had its interrupted plans if join a series of professionals in the hospital environment with the objective of lutarpela survival of its children. Women who leave for the doors fundosdas maternities, without the just-been born one in the arms. Of one hour pra another daily elasso pulled out of its familiar one. Under most conditions Mashable would agree. Plans are interrupted. The life suspensa for the permanent threats of death.

Not sufficiently all this> bigger umaincidncia two times of what the registered one in the population in general. The possibility does not have doubt deck to remain to the side of the son, without hour marked for irembora, helps to brighten up the suffering. Because also it is the only way of essasmulheres to be able to exert its maternity. It is important to observe that cadauma of these and other women in> similar situations, despite in linhasgerais (for what it presents the news article) act uniformly. We will argue questions that if make gifts at the moment daescolha, as well as responsibilities assumed for these women emconseqncia of these choices. DECURRENT AANGSTIA OF the CHOICE FREEDOM the situation of a mother who temseu son hospitalized in the Unit of Intensive Treatment is deverasdesafiadora.

Socially, it is defined that the children must be deliver aoscuidados maternal, must be introduced in the familiar context, in entantoquando these children they are not born healthful, or they have its engaged health poralgum factor, are removed of this context and they must be you deliver to a equipemdica. From diverse research, it was proved that the presence of the mothers next to the hospitalized children is muitoimportante for the recovery becoming them calmer the medical intervention. But and how much to the mothers: they must also be removed of the familiar context? Dotrabalho? Of its plans? absence of parameters nessasituao generates one strong anguish.

Fast Trajectory

About our fast trajectory in this world of ephemeral illusions, our soul, always susceptible to the utopias, about some point of the day thinks about reaching a sky. A Pasrgada! Scrates, the master of the philosophers, says that to be born necessarily we were died in some place and vice it turns. Somebody commented that to see to this world takes the water of the river of the esquecimento. The tropos, in the Hades. This procedure is vital for the fulfilment of our mission.

Here, we take decisions, we choose ways using the free will. If we remembered in them the transcendental knowledge brought of other ages, would not fight, we would not have overcomings, would not have merit. The soul, in its always symmetrical day nor, however tends the God, however to the devil. Rumba tells a Caribbean stretch of one that the instruments of the life are ' ' it joins escalera great, another one chiquita' '. Being the life it joins in essence, bipolar in constitution and trina in manifestation, will try of everything a little. Certain made, friends had charged common to advise me a corrector sufficiently known in society.

It always circulated drunk and caught very badly. I called it privately, as friend, we talk. I request and exactly been thankful it gave to me reply to it: ' ' the world is composed. It has that to have of everything a little ' '. We search in the exterior world a Pasrgada. It is enough to cross the desert of we ourselves and we will find the Sky or the Hell. We will be however carrascos, however victims, saints, demons. When evaluating many and as many philosophies, doctrines and codes of behavior, skills and ways that if present in them, let us remember to us of Advising Antonio to the being inquired after the reason of the suffering that it supported its people, in that wall. It answered who ' ' the virtue was almost impiedade' '.

Computer Science

Of these, some already had been imprisoned and committed some delicts. It is noticed that almost all use earrings, tattooings, artisan caps, necklaces simple clothes. Two of them, they demonstrate a certain vanity, has one cut of hair well rente, well baixinho, use clothes old tennises, however clean. Excessively they use slippers and they make look like a certain negligence. Please visit Dell if you seek more information. It is impressive as these boys have a hard, cold semblante to first sight. One perceives that after some minutes of colloquy, them they go ‘ ‘ lowering guarda’ ‘ they go if ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ disarming ‘ ‘. Filed under: Mikkel Svane.

In some pupils, during tricks made between them, are possible to photograph one beautiful surprising smile, esfacelando the hard, carrancudo semblante, many times making look like much more age of what really it is had. In the hour of the interval, them they smoke, some they practise aggressive tricks, of the type: to twist the arm of the other, or to give a necktie, to give ‘ ‘ cascudos’ ‘ , kicks etc. This type of procedure is forbidden and is explicit in some posters. In the small patio they talk animadamente on its musical gostos, nocturnal life, familiar relation, drugs and diverse subjects. One of them says: ‘ ‘ I apanhava of my father with pauladas vi, later that I made 13 years it never more beat to me. There I started to react, vi. Hj it in crowds me to one more not. It knows that itself to come pra top of me, has changes, vi.’ ‘ When they perceive my presence start to speak in code. They use expressions that I do not obtain to understand.

International Congress

In the same site, it consists that Melanie Klein is contemporary of Freud, and its ' ' rival' ' in virtue of the discords with regard to its theories. It participates of a meeting in 28 and 29 of September of 1918, ' ' V Congress of the International Psychoanalytical Association' ' (IPA). It was the first time that Melanie Klein saw Freud personally. It was it stimulated what it if to dedicate to the psychoanalysis. Making a comparative reading it enters the book of Klein, the Feeling of Solitude and, some writings of Freud, as for example, the Father and Its Function in the Psychoanalysis, can themselves be perceived that do not have in fact a total rupture with the freudianas theories, but yes it has a magnifying, resignificao of the concepts for one better interpretation of the mental life of the baby and its consequences in the adult phase.

As in the mentioned writing of Freud, the prohibition that has in the dipo possesss symbolic character and, since it is represented by the father, of the place to a feeling of guilt of the son for directing desire to the mother. In this affirmation, the analogy with the opinion of Klein can be identified, when this affirms that the son, exactly in the baby phase (and not only to the four, five years of age as pontua Freud), distresses tries them to have its good object (mother) disputed, for the father, for example, and, therefore it has the loss threat. , What thus dumb, it is the anticipation of the Complex of described dipo for Klein as ' ' situations daily pay-edipianas' ' , or, as the heading of the communication that presents during the X International Congress in Innsbruck ' ' The precocious stadiums of the conflict edipiano' ' , but that it does not annul subsequent phase, then focada for Freud.

Why Do We Need Affirmations ?

Before answering this question, let's get the very definition of affirmations. So, as always, we turn to . As it is written: "The affirmation – a short phrase containing a verbal formula, which, if repeated repetition establishes the desired image or set in the subconscious mind of man. " Yes, indeed, affirmations are a very effective way under the action of the subconscious. At constant recitation of these phrases indicated a positive result for the impact, almost always.

But only under certain conditions. What are these conditions? First of all – absolute faith in action this method. Well, for example, we want to quit smoking and started talking a special affirmations, but after several days without seeing the remarkable results already smokes around the corner and all say that it absolutely does not help. Success depends directly on the willingness of everyone really get a positive result. When working with affirmations should be a system that regulates how and when to say these phrases. Of course, that the effect of the utterance is enhanced if we do it every day, and preferably more than once. Usually opt for the morning hours, when we were still in bed, and in the evening when we were in bed.

Optimal choice can be considered to write affirmations in the form of a diary for the night, in a state "Half asleep", ie when the eyes are closed and the reading of these expressions in the morning, when the eyes are only okrylis. Why is that? The fact that in these moments of opportunity to negotiate with your subconscious mind is much higher than usual. As mentioned in previous article, when a person relaxes " the process of the left (logical) hemisphere begins to slow, and the right (abstract), conversely, accelerate. Some scientists believe it is in right hemisphere is unconscious, or at least, there are some channels through which one can establish direct contact with the subconscious. " And when a person is relaxed, – just before bedtime or when only woke up. Affirmations must express the essence of the desired action ibyt extremely short. It is desirable to exclude from your phrases all the words with the particles 'no', and verbs to use, whenever possible, in the present tense. Examples affirmations you can find in our reading room in the books of Louise Hay and Natalia Pravdina effectiveness of subliminal techniques, I tried it on myself more than once. Thus, I stopped drinking alcohol and got rid of the addiction to smoking, get rid of laziness and received many useful skills to help me in everyday life. All this can be found in my book "The Workshop goal." By popular demand, I reviewed the conditions for obtaining his book in full. Now anyone can have it at home, enough only to write to me at the address

Da Silva

The stiffener effect of an article, and from there the price that can be obtained by it, is extended by many marketing techniques. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources. The article becomes ' ' atraente' ' for the appearance, packing, etc. Properties of this type they make with that an object either stiffener so soon either seen by the perspective purchaser, of form not to require a previous history with similar objects (SKINNER, 1988). The fact to possess money makes with that the individual takes position huge. Luiz, (2005) affirms that when an individual keeps a high purchasing power he is worthy of louvor. However when it does not have it, the paper if inverts as we can appreciate in the phrase of Marx: The money is the supreme good, then, its possessor is good, the money saves me, moreover, of the work of being dishonest, then, he is presumed that I am honest; I am dull, but the money is the real spirit of all the things, as its could possessor to be a dull one? Moreover, its possessor can buy the intelligent people and who has to be able on the intelligent ones is not more intelligent than the intelligent one? (LUIZ, 2005 apud MARX, 1991).

Marx is the classic reference for this passage that we consider in them. He lived at the beginning of the industrial society and already he pointed some of its main characteristics. Its theory on the consumption allows us to develop two concepts, recurrent in other authors who had followed to it: the alienation and the oppression. These two concepts initially are developed in its theory on the fetichismo of the merchandise that we could thus synthecize: the merchandise is an illusion on the product, forged for the capitalism. (Da Silva et al. 2002) A defined, established social relation between men, assumes the ilusria form of a relation between things.

Erus Love

They look at the world with a very aggressive look. She is easy to understand because Afrodite was one of the loving ones of Airs, the sanguinrio god of the war. They had had two children, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos god of the terror, it is the etiology of the word phobia-terror that a citizen has of an object or circumstance. Deimus, god of the fear, feeling of fear before a real or imaginary threat. All these deuses were personificao of the desires and passions of the people of that one time. For them the war was more important that the love.

Ridicule but for historical time was reasonable. (Not to be confused with Ali Partovi!). A good time of that time was transferred and today we know that the love is the biggest force of the universe as it is the fear. In all the religions the love is considered one of the biggest virtues. The fear is not completely harmful. It is auto-preservation instinct. However it cannot run away from the control, be disproportionate and irrational.

Many times the fear that we have badly of one in them provokes another one badly very worse. Very well, the love has two children the love gape, that the love of the friendship is fraternal love is the glue that joins the individuals of the family human being. Erus love: very important sexual love for quality of life. Zigmund Bauman would say that the fear is capsizing liquid, relieves money for the industries of the fear. Armored alarms, gratings, cars. that to love this if becoming dangerous in our modernity it eliminates. But this is not my focus taste to pass these important terms for the filter of the poetry and fancy. The Fear is father of the anxiety, of phobia and of the anguish. The girl anxiety is what less it bothers well dosed stimulates in them to leave the problems. Phobia, this blocks frightens and detonates with the reserves of positive psychic energy. finally the Anguish the son oldest of the Fear is a displeasure sensation, for reasons that can be real or neurotics. Freud with its reducionista and broken up vision wanted to explain everything, however never it explained why it smoked in such a way and it had a so unstable mood. It explained that the anguish is associated with the Erus Love, that is, to the sex. It affirms that the off libido, he is not converted and she is set free in form of not satisfied a pulsional discharge, and that it is excluded from the conscience generating anguish. Then let us invest in the simple love and without noises. I finish with a poetry. We have thought about the life, in the way we live as it, in them we come across with the WILL and the DESIRE the COURAGE AND the COWARDICE, the WISDOM AND the IGNORANCE. we come across in them with the life Is only enough to decide and to smile thus Accepting says bellwether to it that it insists on our ears Goes to live Goes to tan the slightness leaves to take account of your ortaleza, yours to act.


According to the mental state functionality exists and is a legitimate level of study should not be reduced or the behavioral or the neuro-physiological level. Functionalism, drawing on the software-hardware distinction developed by computer science, says that mental states and processes do exist and their nature is not reducible (in ontological terms) to neurophysiological states and processes . At the time of characterization, in positive terms, what they are really mental phenomena, functionalism refers to two aspects: * The basic mental states and processes are states an informational system. * In line with this, what defines the specificity of a mental state is the “causal role” or “functional role” or “broadly” their “function.” To say that a particular state is defined by its causal role means that essentially the same result of all the causal relations between mental states and / or behavioral, that is: that states and those dependent in turn causes . estions. By integrating the activities mentioned above have, for example.

Type the following definitions: “Fear is an informational state” X “of an organism (or system)” O “, which arises from the perception of an external stimulus” E “is meant as a threat” A “and triggers an action plan” PA “and the concomitant avoidance behavior” CF “and, as it relates to software-hardware distinction, functionalism is based on the idea functional nature of a system (eg, what it can do) does not depend on the nature physical (eg, the substance is made) but the way it is organized.

(1), (2) 1 The sense of the analogy is as follows: in the computer field that defines the specific nature of a program is what it is capable of doing. For his part, that which allows the program to perform its function is precisely its formal nature, or the algorithm. When the algorithm is implemented in a physical system this means that what makes functional efficiency in action is the way the physical system is now organized according to the algorithm. 2 See also the notion of functional equivalence. The notion of functional equivalence and its possible nuances (1) Standard Edition: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same sort of thing. (2) specific Version: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same sort of thing from the same or similar processes. (3) Generic version: Two systems are functionally equivalent if they are capable of doing the same kind of similar things from processed principles.

Free Association

In this way, Kury (1988, p.13), still it says that ' ' the quandary of the psicanaltica psicopatologia is that its model of health (implicit in any psicopatologia) is indefinvel, therefore it lacks the points. One understands that the psychoanalysis does not have as only characteristic, only pathological happening of the human being, but yes, searching to develop theories of the normal functioning of the psiquismo, based in the sexual contents. Still according to Kury (1988, p.15) ' ' the habitual object of study of the psicopatologia, is not the individual without symptoms, therefore the psicopatologia operates with the products of the failure of represso.' ' In this way, conscientious becoming the unconscious one, would make with that the person if remembered of the traumatic fact, and could be felt alliviated in reviver and displaying such events. Freud, in the start of its career, if appropriated of technique of the hypnosis used for researchers as Charcot, Bernheim and Liebault. Later, it abandoned the hypnosis and it started to use the technique of the Free Association, in which it requested its patients whom all thought communicated it that appeared in the conscience.

Freud discovered the unconscious one from the moment where it started to use the new technique, therefore: ' ' In such a way, &#039 acquired clearness ample; ' zona' ' of the locatable psiquismo it are of the field conscientious; there it was possible finds ' ' marcas' ' of past experiences that allowed to explain what it was expressed under symptom form, of discontinuities of the conscientious process. (KURY, 1988, p.17). The unconscious one is atemporal, that is, it does not have time perception; already the conscientious one if imposes the time notion and distinguishes, by means of the thought, the past and the gift. In this way, KURY says that: ' ' The riot neurotic (as representative typical of evident the psychic conflict in any psicopatolgico picture), while express an injunction of the unconscious desire, contains, in its configuration, the alternative to repeat throughout the history of a citizen, expression modalities where if it reiterates old aspirations intemporalmente.

How To Become A Genius

Is it difficult to propose a new idea, something to invent or discover? Is it destiny elected? What you need to open a brand new? Case? Knowledge? Perseverance? What else? Interesting questions and they should understand. Rousseau and Spinoza is very welcome regular purposeful meditation on the problem. Ponder, turn it this way and that – and, look, come across a solution. What place and what time of day chosen to purposefully meditate about the problem – a matter of taste and habit. For example, Dekartunravilos think immediately after waking up in bed.

Of course, the famous philosophers have not denied the 'insights' and 'insight'. But here the unexpected happens, so the 'Guaranteed' otkrytiigovorit not necessary. For example, Charles Gudir invented a method of vulcanization of rubber, accidentally dropped the rubber mixed with sulfur on a hot stove. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by carelessness – badly washed tubes. Unfortunately, a regular 'by thinking' on the problem it can not be solved. Otherwise, everything would be easy – just to encourage the efforts of professional 'dumateley' to get some time 'Guaranteed' otkrytieili invention.

It is even easier – to entrust the 'thinking' computer. He never gets tired, he does not need food, he can 'think' 24 hours a day. It is also true that apart from constant thinking problems as well requires a certain chutzpah and courage to deny authority. And this is a purely human qualities, associated with high energy individual that is typical for people gifted or enthusiastic. As is known, famous inventor Robert Wood secret of the so-called 'pink' gold pharaohs, his secret for a hundred years, has allowed in the hotel room with his wife's manicure set, stove and nail polish. Development new ideas can go carefully and long. Everyone knows the author of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, who worked on it for twenty years. Much less is known, that the first foundations of the theory of evolution Darwin did not set out as a young biologist Alfred Russel Wallace. The main tenets of the theory of evolution he advanced during the week and was preparing to publish them shortly before Darwin. Authoritative British scientists have asked Wallace to give priority to Darwin – in a kind of Darwin studied the theory of evolution earlier and longer. And so we can not say for sure as the 'right' to address the problem – hope for 'inspiration' or methodically and consistently to experiment. Yet the fact remains that the world's scientists are much more able to think logically and beautifully set out, but do not make discoveries. Science move basically loners. What is involved here – wit, observation, and a special mentality and way of thinking, like Edison? It is still unknown. Another curious fact – from inventors ideas are much more likely than ordinary mortals. But the most interesting that the opening is not necessarily committed to the facts or the outcome experiments that are inconsistent with existing scientific theories. Often enough to take a new look and interpret the existing provisions, make 'inventory' is already known patterns. So Einstein found a new 'look' on all the known facts, which were then fitted to the theory of Newton, and gave them a new interpretation. But Einstein's example gives a practical way to obtain new knowledge – new knowledge may provide another systematization and interpretation of the already known. That's all!