Fee mounted on four metal poles, which incidentally is very easy to break and some blocks have come from brokenness racks. 2. The funny thing – the power button BUOKa hidden inside BUOKa! Ah! What! To turn off must remove the cover and think it's easy? Okay on that later. I am the way once it did not understand the whole idea of genius designer! Remember we said that the scheme has no solutions to the food! Remember these 2 time! 3. We need to mount unit – get down! Construction are not easy to make out, you first need to unscrew 4 screws on the edges, note, stamp, which is used for body BUOK-4, raznoshen awful, so mark the cover, they individually adjusted for each box (hammer helps, preferably wooden). 4. After removing the cover and marked, you will see our board, remember that the circuit has no solutions to the food, so for safety food submitted through a separate rubilnichek (switch)! And remember, EVEN IF YOU TURN OFF POWER on the board BUOK-4, with the help of a local off button – the mains are still present on the board! Therefore – outside rubilnichek! But rubilnichek too inconvenient, because you will not be the same bet on every BUOK to switch? After all, if hung near 3 blocks, and to disconnect this one – have to pick food for all 3 or put three rubilnichka – not nice Is it true? Congenial! 5. The manual states that can not be confused phase and zero when the power is connected BUOK-4. . Speaking candidly Harris Philanthropies told us the story.

Select Database Server

Install the server ePolicy Orchestrator, console, and the database on the system you plan to use as your server ePolicy Orchestrator. Samsung understands that this is vital information. To install the ePolicy Orchestrator server and console, follow these steps: 1 Locate and run the file SETUP.EXE, located in the root folder into which you unpacked EPO360EML.ZIP. 2 Click the Next button to initialize the page wizard ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.0 Setup. 3 If you are installing the trial version, click OK on the page Evaluation. 4 Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms, select I accept the terms in the license agreement, then click OK.

(If you do not agree, click Cancel and discard the product.) 5 On the Installation Options, select Install Server and Console and click Next. You can also select the installation folder, if you wish. 6 If you are see a dialog box informing you that your server has a static IP address, you can ignore it by clicking OK. At the same time, McAfee recommends that you install ePolicy Orchestrator on a system with a static IP address, your DHCP server IP address can be used for testing purposes only. 7 In the dialog box Set Administrator Password, type the password that will be used when working with server ePolicy Orchestrator. You can not leave the field.

8 In the dialog box, Select Database Server, select Install a server on this computer and use it. This option installs free MSDE database engine is included with ePolicy Orchestrator. 9 Click Next.

Computer Protection Software

Do not forget that installing anti-virus does not solve all problems at once, because if your LAN has Internet access, you should be ready for hacking attacks and the fight against worms. If you believe that your network does not can anyone be interested in, then you are mistaken. Even if there's no sensitive information (lists of usernames / passwords for different resources, credit card numbers, bank account numbers), hackers can hack it out just like that, out of interest. Such unauthorized actions are becoming popular, so is high enough probability of attack is on your network. It is for this reason, you should promptly take care of security and establish firewall. Firewall (firewall, Eng. "Firewalls") – a program or a special device that passes through itself all the traffic. This program is part of a network, and leaves it to filter traffic.

In the process of analysis and filtering data streams firewall is based on specially installed by the system administrator rules, blocking data packets or skipping them. With this program (or device) may not only to protect the LAN from external attack, but also to manage it. For example, you can restrict access to network resources, to block the work of popular IRC clients or ICQ, prevent the banners from Web pages. If your network is small, then the acquisition of network equipment such as a hardware firewall is unlikely to be justified, so you should stay on the program implementation of this device. At the moment There are a variety of software firewalls, which are different set of features, ease of use and, of course, cost. One of the best firewall is Kaspersky Anti-Hacker, which is engaged in developing Kaspersky Lab. Program Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access and hacker attacks from the Internet or LAN. Licensed copy of Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is worth about $ 50, but the developers offer various discounts. Members of this program are eligible for support around the clock by phone and email. Taking into account its low price, then Kaspersky Anti-Hacker is ideal for protecting small local networks.