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This is a test to evaluate its wrath. This not only has the function to make a self-evaluation on its wrath, but also that shows a way to him to leave her. When it places the force of his wrath in a qualification scale, it will know how to undo of her. He is very recommendable to realise this test of the handling of the wrath, if he is even sure that it does not need it. It tmese minutes, and only it responds with total honesty these simple questions: – Often, I feel irritable and of the bad humor? – It frightens to me and it invaded the rage to me for simple reasons? – I often discuss with other people? – I believe that the others do not deal to me with justice? – I feel furious when they criticize to me? – The revenge feeling persecutes to me frequently? If the answers to at least three of these questions are affirmative, then certainly it will need one more a stricter test on the handling of the wrath.

Especially the small children, who are incapable to control their wrath, need a good alternative stops to redirigir its impulses and to remove them from its wrath. For these children, the test of handling of the wrath, will be an pleasant thing that it liked to carry out. It is very common that this test is taken at the end of the classes of wrath handling, to reduce the wrath to the anything. It is probable that it must give to his answer in a scale of five points or scale of seven. Nicolas Keller understands that this is vital information. Some test is also of the type yes or not. At the end of responding all the questions, it will have to work with the marks that I place.

Each answer has a different value and must add all the values that it has obtained. Soon the result based on the total value will occur him. This result will be like a mirror that reflects its attitudes and feelings. This also acts as as of guide to know how how to come in future. It is for that reason that the test handling of the wrath, is a great tool for which they behave of unique way when they are angry. This evaluation is also is used by the professional advisors, they can know thus, its nature without needing establishing a too deep relation with the interviewed person. They use this test of wrath handling, like a tool to evaluate its behavior. The majority of the times, this test of wrath handling, serves as tool to see what feels with respect to the rage and aid to analyze its own behavior, so that it could get rid of the wrath, without damaging to others. The questions of the test of wrath handling are very useful for the self-realization, thus will be able to put aim their problems related to the wrath.

Possible Cure Against AIDS

Possible cure AIDS? The possible cure AIDS.An international study, with Spanish participation was able to develop a new drug to slow the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), from the beginning, leaving undeveloped the dreaded AIDS. The treatment has been tested on 18 volunteers HIV-positive received three different doses to ensure their safety. Their findings, published in science translational medicine pages, are the result of collaboration between researchers of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, the universities of Hannover and Ulm (Germany) and the University of Patras. To prevent cellular infection by HIV, the scientists took advantage of a natural compound that the human body uses to fend off other infections, a peptide (small protein): VIRIP. scientists say the drug is at the tip of the Lance of HIV to avoid contact between the cell membrane, the virus loses its ability to infect.

However, not everything is good news. At the moment, added, VIR-576 is very expensive to produce large scale (around $25,000 a year, compared to 14,000 of other antiretrovirals such as maraviroc, which also inhibits fusion peptide), and must be injected intravenously, which complicates the adherence to treatment, so it is evaluating a drug similar to this peptide, which has the same mechanism of action, but, in turn, can be manufactured and managed more easily. For now, VIR-576 has the advantage of being very well tolerated by the patients (with only a few cases of allergy in skin, headache, or constipation), precisely because it acts before the virus has penetrated into the healthy cell. Finally, Guillermo Gimenez, researcher at the Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas (CSIC) and signatory of the study, summarized in three advantages of VIR-576: is an alternative to current treatments, which gives us new options when the virus Learn how to defend well to a region to attack the virus that cannot change, which reduces the risk of resistance and, finally, to not enter the cell, we can prevent many side effects for the patient.Will this may cure AIDS, we will see that they decide to drug companies.