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Feb 10 2017

Internet Computer

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It talked with some neighbors on as to use the computer, cursinho of computer science looked one and learned. (Source: Steve Wozniak). It was registered in cadastre in some sites of relationship, entered in rooms of diverse chat and chats. It took off photos different and it placed in the net. In way to all […]

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Jan 23 2016

The Old Requenguela

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Text based on momentary psychological states of you vary colleagues of the college of visual arts of the PUC Campinas. Very lean, branquela and maltrapilha, the old one walked fast, therefore always it was been slow. Its austere and prompt look weighed to it in the faces, almost always dumb and compenetrada, studied, planned and […]

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Jan 20 2016

Paid Conductor

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At that moment he took a wise decision: – I go until the city hall to arrange the tickets of vocs train to go until Rio De Janeiro. They can be in my hotel until the exit of the train. In this time he was mayor of Belo Horizonte, Otaclio Negro de Lima, the first […]

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