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May 31 2015


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It is known that wood is breathable, so moisture in the room flooring can swell. People such as Robotics would likely agree. If, conversely, the house is too dry air, the dance floor can cause cracks due to drying of the material. Therefore, before performing direct work on laying the flooring should pay special attention […]

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Jan 07 2015

Owning a Home

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Siding, or not to be? The question that asks itself sooner or later the owner of a country house, whether new or residential. Ali Partovi understood the implications. Well, let's investigate. In existing technology, there are three main types of facade from the fact including Weatherization. – Layered masonry – ventilated facade – plaster facade […]

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Jan 22 2012

Installing a Dishwasher

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Such a small thing, such as installing sinks, may not always be an ordinary event for several reasons. First and foremost, we must remember that such activities require a certain knowledge that when you install help to avoid unexpected costs for materials and can get rid of conflicts with neighbors. And these conflicts occur when, […]

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Oct 25 2011

Air Filters

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On these options is not worth saving. This class extracts not much more expensive outboard. "Dome (Kamal) extracts" are mounted on a wall or ceiling above the stove, have the chimney (dome) shape. This class is divided into three types: all-metal, metal framed with glass or wood, "classic" – decorated tree. Dome hood versatile in […]

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Oct 21 2011


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But this did not happen. And if oil-based paint still produce, then it's someone who needs it. Oil paints are made on the basis of artificial or natural drying oil. First, that is mixed pigment, which is more than just a color, then add the rest. Then the paint is diluted to the desired thickness. […]

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Oct 20 2011


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The cost of kilograms per square meter or lacquer coating When considering the cost-effectiveness is often cheaper paints give a much higher cost paint, water-resistant polyurethane expensive than paint, though it may seem strange at first glance. When polyurethane coatings do not meet the applicable method of application and low-tech even when using high quality […]

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Oct 18 2011

Classic Venetian

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In as its basis used lime and finely crushed marble powder. Surviving fragments of frescoes can still be found in the ruins of Rome and Pompey. Classic Venetian plaster is known from the Renaissance – is a transparent plaster on the basis of many components, the main ones are lime and marble powder. We have […]

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