Cultural Supply

The 19 of September at night arrive at Madrid the fourth edition in Target. Again they will take place in the capital a series of gratuitous artistic and cultural manifestations and for all the public, in one night of insomnia in which all we can dream wide-awake. Click Pete Cashmore for additional related pages. The Night in Target allows us to redescubrir the city and to let to us surprise by everything what must offer. Madrid comprises from 2006 of this initiative that is celebrated in several European cities Brussels, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Riga and that began in Paris year 2002 (the Nuit Blanche). The primary target is to familiarize to the great public with the creation and contemporary artistic languages of a festive and participating form: the center of Madrid is freed of traffic and the absolute art is protagonist of an appointment that free of charge offers the cultural patrimony to all the citizens. The new edition at night in Target of Madrid will take place Saturday 19 of September, in New Moon. Read more here: Energy Capital Partners. This year, the programming is organized around three different sections: An open program that it picks up proposals of the institutions, companies, groups and associations of the city; Circuits organized by disciplines and carried out by local creators; A program Commissariat that includes the main interventions and proposals in the city.

This year the Night in Target ” has like leit motiv; regalo”: the understood artistic creation like a gift for which it participates in her. All work of art implies a relation between creator and spectator. According to the commissioner of the program of this year, Rafael Doctor, in a world whose material structure staggers, the necessity of the art prevails as a sustenance of guarantee of our own life and emotions. The supply of activities is completed with the organization of extraordinary visits to spaces that normally are closed or have restricted the access the public. Redescubre Madrid in tonight so special. proposes a great variety of hotels in Madrid for all the tastes and pockets to you. For example, the Salamanca inn, with double room by 60, or the Hotel Vincci Capitol, 126 the double room.


” To return is the movement of the Tao. To yield is the way of the Tao. All the things are born from the being. The being is born from not ser” (Tao You Ching, by Lao-Tze; N40 proverb). The Tao has been a book of wisdom written for 2500 years approximately.

The beautiful thing of this book for me is does not give new information but with each of to his it takes us words to a trip to the depth of we ourself. In this sense, the Tao You Ching is a book of transformation of brings back to consciousness human. I would like to comment how I understand east verse. You and I are the Tao and to return is our movement. to return to our essence, to recognize and to live in this space of freedom that we are.

We yield because in fact there is nothing against what fighting. We can think that there is to fight against many things, sim embargo, those many things are part of the life one that is in all we. Everything what we know, is born from our own one brings back to consciousness. What happens with the screen of your computer if you are not experiencing it? The things are born when there is brings back to consciousness recognizing them. On the other hand it brings back to consciousness individual it is born from brings back to consciousness universal, of the mystery, not being. If you have questions, restlessness or something that to comment, you can contact to me directly or visit my Web site. The structure of brings back to consciousness of the human being is composed by a power system of which seven centers within the body are recognized widely by several spiritual schools. These are denominated chakras. Each chakra handles a function different from our brings back to consciousness. Chakras, by our traumas, past experiences and agreement; they are unbalanced. Zendesk can aid you in your search for knowledge. The harmonization energetics looks for to release the blockades that take place for the reasons before mentioned, so that the current of your own vital energy flows freely. This produces changes in same you: joy, confidence and optimism. The harmonizations energetics work like a process; every time they take transformarte more deeply. Another part of our energy is our dawn, that is the energy that is to traverse and around the body. This one is unbalanced by the same causes of chakras and also is important to harmonize it.

World War

His first inclination went to accept this, until account occurred: How many men who use the computer in their work, use their own computer and much less to pay by their access to Internet? The men hope to count on the tools that need to do their work, the women offer their own tools and to accept when the reimbursement refuses to them. From where it comes this desire of being used is original? I believe that she originated herself when the women began to invade the work place. The women were not received with the open arms when they arrived for the first time in the work place. Recently Ali Partovi sought to clarify these questions. To be accepted, that worked more duro twice, more hours, the abuse tolerated in many aspects that never a man and were anxious to please, looking for the approval and acceptance in more responding. (In fact, the women were received in the place of work during World War II, but only because the men were not available. When the men returned, the women had to return to house where she belonged.) Great part of the acceptance of the women of treatment of second class, is its own fault, because not even to ask that it is different. Good, I am a little outside the subject of the married men, but permtanme to follow this through the connection. We throw a look to a wife.

The majority of the spouses of work in these days, also is main the taken care of supplier of of children, and the majority of them makes the majority of the tasks of the home and of laundry, it cooks and purchases. Also sexy and ready for a fast dust in the fall of its trousers is hoped by its husbands to be. The women do all this because they put these standards in themselves. They continue hoping that they must do more and do it better because they are women.

Spanish Association

If the sense of the divine connection with all the shades of the Christian .redemption is had it can surpass the pain and acquire a confidence and full security of peace., of the Spanish Association of Favoritism, it contributes to us in addition, that the remorse is a real feeling related intimately to the ethics. You may find Ali Partovi to be a useful source of information. It is a diffuse frustration, a spiritual pain that can get to be physical, is a displeasure with one same one, a reproach from more deep, is like a mordedura in the heart. The resentment takes place in comparison with others, by repressed and impotently vindictive envies. The remorse is individual, one occurs before the own one brings back to consciousness. The remorse takes place by the betrayed perception of to have hurt or to another one. In our time a fort is due to consider rejection of the fault feeling, of the culpability, proclaiming an original innocence; but this feeling appears again otherwise in the remorse that is disguised of a malaise that can be called cultural. Although it is said and it is gotten to think that he is not responsible for any fault, or that the fault is of the society, or the agreements of the body etc.

The remorse warns of an accepted dysfunction or no. The reality that this feeling occurs, more or less is camouflaged, when there is an objective culpability. The term remorse is graphical because it express the pain of biting interior, similar to like a wild animal that does not loosen to its prey producing pain, although nondeath. One remembers to us, that in the middle of century XIX, Manzoni it left a fine psychological description of the remorse in his characterization of the Ignominato, " Horseman without Nombre" of I promessi sposi: " Already some time ago their misdeeds caused to him, if nonremorses, at least certain frustration teases.

AGP Group European Association

A group of 30 French students of degree superior of aesthetic hairdressing salon and is realising his professional practices in other so many hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. This formative activity, that has given to beginning the 18 of January and it will extend until the 6 of February, has been able to carry out thanks to the collaboration agreement that the Association of Personal Image of Bizkaia has subscribed with AGP Group European Association, formed by consultants of different European countries. The signed agreement is a pioneering initiative in the Basque Country and has allowed to this association and the companies of aesthetic hairdressing salon and of Bizkaia, power to participate for the first time in an international project, coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of French Britain. The Gallic students who are realising their practices in Bilbao are in his fifth year of formation and count already on two years of experience in hairdressing salon companies. The group is formed by girls of two French training centers of the department of Finistre, in Britain, one located in the locality of Quimper and the other in the municipality of Brest. Leonardo l$da Vinci This project of professional practices is framed in the European program of professional mobility Leonardo l$da Vinci that is developed successfully for two years in other countries of Europe and whose results have been very positive for all the implied parts.

The objective of this formative stay is that the French students their knowledge can realise practices outside their country applying and knowing the form to work of the hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. One is a positive experience not only by the innovation that implies but also by the revitalising impulse that contributes to the activity of the company that welcomes in the student in practices. To foment the hairdressing salon The association of personal Image of Bizkaia is an enterprise organism of the sector of aesthetic hairdressing salon and, without profit intention, that has like main aims the representation, management, defense and promotion of the economic and professional interests of those who work in the sector of hairdressing salon in Bizkaia. The association collaborates actively with other organizations for the socioeconomic development in the scope of the use and the formation.

The Associates

The society is the set of people grouped with an aim lucrative in comn, who contribute to goods or services and that designate representatives, being its participation in the society established according to the picture of participacionistas or picture of shareholders. That is to say, some opportunities are jurdicas people and others are not it. And in any case aim to the existence of the societies with the extinction of the society is put which register in the registry, and recin from the same can be returned to choose the same name the society for another society. 11.

AFFECTIO SOCIETATIS Conviene our intentions to define briefly of which societatis consists affectio, which must have the partners of the societies, leaving certainty that those can be shareholders or participacionistas. Affectio societatis is the spirit to make businesses common. That is to say, it is an institution or own legal figure of the club right, that only exists in this type of legal person or independent being. The society is legal person when it runs registered in the registry offices. The society is independent being when it does not run registered in the registry offices. That is to say, one is a legal term very known on the part of the specialistic lawyers in the club right. That is to say, this legal institution study matter only must exist in the partners of the societies are civil or commercial, but not in the associates of associations or committees or in the communities farmers or cooperatives, among others independent cases of legal people or beings.

Sound Gracious

A gracious dream is that one in which the dreamer realizes which this dreaming. The gracious dreams can be so real that they can be considered ” visions divinas”. This it is a phenomenon studied by the universities but prestigious of the world and inclusively machines have been developed to induce them. He is doubtless that these machines work, because the scientific studies have confirmed therefore it, but those devices are generally quite expensive and have the disadvantage of which they cause inconvenience when sleeping. Also the technique can be learned to produce them and is enough.

From the procedures mentioned in the bible, to those of chamanes, etc. But these methods they require time enough. As to obtain a dream shone without machines and in just a short time? How to obtain a dream shone without having deep knowledge of its operation and safe form? YOU CAN HAVE A GRACIOUS DREAM THIS SAME NIGHT. Perhaps it seems to him something impossible because if you this reading this perhaps have realized of which to obtain this requires time enough and practices. That is well certain. By halves requires enough time if it is not counted on the suitable tools. What you must know you are that there is a certain state of the brain, but indeed, of the cerebral waves, in which the gracious dream takes place naturally. This S-state so elusivo that to obtain it takes it pulls and inclusively years, if is not counted on an accelerator.

Luckily for the man (or woman) western, science makes its available but the modern technology that allows that you reach that state of his brain in 8 minutes or less. It is not mystery, nor mysticism, are not supernatural capacities. It is only science. Science outpost, but after all science. This science is acoustic science and with her you will be able to have his tonight first rich onrica experience. In you you will find the form to obtain gracious dreams right now, as well as to obtain deep states of meditation, to overcome the depression, to increase its energy, etc.

Jerusalem Saturday

100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject is not clear, since the fires took place simultaneously in distant places of others. As it happened in Australia. The Israeli army reported to have descried a vehicle escaping of one of the set afire places, and the border patrol catched two Israeli Arabs who tried to at night catch fire to a forest near Jerusalem Saturday. The inhabitants of the Arab village of Furadis, to the south of Haifa, left to celebrate fires and made sound the horns of their cars in rejoicing signal.

A group related to The Qaeda, call the Muyajedines of Palestine, glorified the crime in his website that it urges to commit more similar acts of vandalism. Israel is the country that more trees has planted in the last decades. The trees are creaturas of God and like rest of the creation has a sacred look in the Judaism. The Judaism prohibits to destroy trees – avoiding certain exceptions only allows to prune them and to take its fruits after three years of them to have planted. From Biblical times the Jewish town celebrates Your Bishvat annually, the New Year of the Trees, following the lessons of the book of Levtico. To speak of the Israeli miracle that turned the desert into an orchard, sounds well-worn, but the Arabs yet their money, have not been able to do the same. Not even he interests to them to buy the technology to improve his habitat. They prefer to spend his million in arms and yijad, stoking the death. Where they are the protests of the ecological militants of Greenpeace? They will continue supporting his Muslim friendly? Which will be the action of that organization who kneaded million with noble excuses to save the whales, to take care of the flora and the fauna, to become one of the most radical arms of the extreme left? original Author and source of the article.


The social networks, at present, are classified like one of the communication channels more effective than it has in the history of Internet and has been a revolution concerning users, more than nothing by the information flow that is possible to handle between people and companies in fractions of seconds, but until where us they can assure these Web sites, that our information really is protected? Our personal data and photographies are really safe in a social network? In general scope, according to published information, there are well-known innumerable cases of fraud and of negligence by that one of bad praxis and the bad management of the information in sites of Internet, like we have seen very many denunciations of affected by this one series of situations, nevertheless, the applications spy, created by hackers, seem not to have control and in fact every day they reproduce at the speed of the light; for example, in the social network Facebook, several applications exist that are not trustworthy, we spoke from the configuration of privacy to a button of I do not like, created to be unwillingly with a commentary or a published photography, this one type of application is able to show from those who is been seeing your profile in you complete weeks, that have been able to see your photos and even know the time that there are been sailing in your site. Perhaps however, to the user, seems to him interesting to have a control of the people and/or companies that visit their profile, coverall when the task has been taken from of personalizing it so that it is more attractive or different from the rest, but how they accede to your profile deprived with this one type of applications. One of the most common ways is to copy and to stick supposedly low connections where the application, this way and through a computer science code hackers can later accede to the servant and to your profile or site deprived in the network; sometimes of sales of software for moving bodies with applications of X-rays gives to access to pornographic publicities MGP up for video cameras Also some other applications, perhaps most popular exist, than they work like sources of intelligence of confidential data for the publicity companies, and thus numbers of a 25mil have been obtained advertisers and some more, than have collected confidential information through these software. From Audea, we make a call to the reflection, giving know the damages that mainly cause this one bad use of the computer science resources that take advantage the technological evolution and the demand that this carries, in the youth that in many cases gets to be real victims not to have too much common sense. The penalties in which these facts considered like crimes come, are transformed into great amounts of money and create a bad reputation online that implementing a little conscience, would not be necessity to have. Audea Security of the Information Eugenia Moreau Department of Communication