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Apr 13 2014

Spanish Association

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If the sense of the divine connection with all the shades of the Christian .redemption is had it can surpass the pain and acquire a confidence and full security of peace. personalismo.org, of the Spanish Association of Favoritism, it contributes to us in addition, that the remorse is a real feeling related intimately to the […]

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Mar 11 2014

AGP Group European Association

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A group of 30 French students of degree superior of aesthetic hairdressing salon and is realising his professional practices in other so many hairdressing salons of Bizkaia. This formative activity, that has given to beginning the 18 of January and it will extend until the 6 of February, has been able to carry out thanks […]

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Mar 04 2014

The Associates

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The society is the set of people grouped with an aim lucrative in comn, who contribute to goods or services and that designate representatives, being its participation in the society established according to the picture of participacionistas or picture of shareholders. That is to say, some opportunities are jurdicas people and others are not it. […]

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Sep 18 2012

Sound Gracious

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A gracious dream is that one in which the dreamer realizes which this dreaming. The gracious dreams can be so real that they can be considered ” visions divinas”. This it is a phenomenon studied by the universities but prestigious of the world and inclusively machines have been developed to induce them. He is doubtless […]

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Sep 01 2012

Jerusalem Saturday

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100,000 times imagine to try to protect something more grande". Emerson came up then that the attacks could be amassed. fires in Israel follow in investigation process. Until the moment one catched an Arab adolescent, who recognizes to have left " inintencionadamente" ashes without extinguishing after making a bonfire with its friendly. Nevertheless the subject […]

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Aug 06 2012


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The social networks, at present, are classified like one of the communication channels more effective than it has in the history of Internet and has been a revolution concerning users, more than nothing by the information flow that is possible to handle between people and companies in fractions of seconds, but until where us they […]

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