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Jan 09 2016

Aswan Declaration

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These same brain flowed in Alexandria until the death of the library. Who and when it was destroyed, not well understood. It is known that in 47 BC. Oe. Caesar, unwilling to his fleet into the hands of the Egyptians, he burned the ships, and with them the port docks and warehouses, where there were […]

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Dec 29 2015


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Sochi. Instructions for use! Many a child has a dream: to have a rest in Sochi as a normal citizen of their country. Well. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted on this topic. We will not oppose the children's aspirations. s as a relevant resource throughout. So. Rest in Sochi. How to relax and save your […]

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Dec 29 2015

Traveling To Egypt

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Welcome to the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations in the world! Egypt – one of the most famous areas of tourism, thanks to the excellent climate and a wealth of historical attractions. This beautiful country offers more than an excursion to the pyramids and pharaohs, museums, bazaars and crowded beaches. HostelsClub tell you […]

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