Each region had a color, a ceiba (huge tree with very straight trunk and abundant foliage) with a bird resting on it, a type of corn, and various animals as symbols. The ceibas argued the sky next to gods with animal or human form called Bacabs, appearing also as destroyers and computers of worlds. Ceibas both birds were the region color: black for the West, white for North East red and yellow for the South. Other two essential points in maya Cosmology are: highest in the center of the sky, the Zenith, and the lowest in the center of the underworld, the nadir. These two points were the two ends of the vertical axis of the world, what the center of the Earth, through which the shaft, was the center of the universe, the fifth address the point of union between heaven, Earth and the underworld. Another symbolic image of the ground level was a crocodile or lizard that was floating on the water and on whose back was growing vegetation.

The Yucatecan Maya called it Itzam-Kab-Ain, Dragon-tierra – crocodile. The underworld was that Monster belly, so in addition to being the death place, contained seeds of new life. In the Earth’s surface the Maya associated the entrances to the underworld with the Caverns as representations of the womb of the great mother earth. The cenotes or sacred Lakes were also accesses to the world below. The four celestial regions and the infraterrestres, compar-tian earth colors. The four celestial regions were the Itzamnaes or dragons, which were the quadrupling of the great dragon Itzamna, the Supreme God; In addition to four Chaacs, or gods of rain and four Pahuahtunes, gods of the winds. The existence of these three planes: Celestial, terrestrial and underworld, was its depiction in various Mayan areas: Mythology, Archaeoastronomy, i.e. in his peculiar way of structuring their cities so that they constitute enclosures sacred image of the universe, and in the human psyche, which is the interior space where take place the processes that lead to different levels of consciousness, and, as noted, by the descent to the underworld himself to ascend to the celestial spheres once exceeded the corresponding tests.