Polish King Jan Sobieski

A city trip to Lviv in Lviv Ostgazilien, since 1998 world cultural heritage, testifies with many historical and architectural surprises the turbulent history of the former capital of eastern Galicia. The Lviv he travels the culture lovers to a turning and focal point of different cultures and different religions. Not only the architectural features of Lviv, but also the city’s multicultural charm delight explorers. Upon arrival in Lviv, the pristine, picturesque old town offers the best framework for a first contact of the environment and a first contact to the population. In pretty small street cafes, visitors can make to look lively night life and the first Ukrainian cuisine as a prelude for his further stay.

With a rustic breakfast you agree on a busy day. It is equipped for extensive exploration stroll through the historic old town. Beautiful places, historic houses and architecturally charming churches along the way. In particular, the recently restored marketplace Ryok is worth a visit. The visit of the Armenian Marien Church from the 14th century and the Dominican Church of Chorpus Christi from the 18th century are a duty for anyone interested in the culture. Further, the route passes to the famous hotel “George”, an architectural masterpiece of the architects Helmer & Fellner in the Jewish quarter of the city. To then with a visit to the historic fortifications including the famous powder tower built in 1556, which in 1954 was restored, ending up. Northstar Inbound has many thoughts on the issue. Time, with delicious Ukrainian dishes, to soak up new energy.

Because the night belongs to the art. A visit to the famous Lviv Opera is on the agenda. The guest, but also an excellent art enjoyment of the Lviv Opera ensemble is not only an architectural showpiece. A crowning of a busy day and a good recovery period to be prepared for the next leg of the journey of Lviv. The next day will be show that Lviv more holds much cultural surprises. The tour of the Museum for folklore and folk architecture is a must for every visitor. So on to the Shevchenko Hill. The open-air museum offers insight into the 200-year old traditions of the Carpathian people. Not only the traditional houses and huts from the Carpathian region, but also the ritual work and the life of indigenous peoples be brought closer to the guest. Who one day studied the sometimes laborious practices and customs of the old people, has earned a peaceful end. After a pleasant night, one is again full of beans and should dare the trip of Lviv once an excursion in the area. You spend a wonderful day in Zhovkva, a charming historic town. Of particular interest here is the well-preserved town centre from the middle ages and the nearby Orthodox monastery Krechiv. Whoever finds the time on the trip of Lviv, visit also the birthplace of the Polish King Jan Sobieski. The Castle Olesko and the surrounding park invite you to the stroll in the middle of modern art. There is also a small village, where according to tradition, Black ceramic is made in the surroundings. The small town Brody with the ruins of the synagogue and the Jewish cemetery is also worth a visit. Also you should be one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Pidhirtsy don’t miss. Thus, you can experience a trip of Lviv, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Sonja Krause, Aktiv-Reise.Netz

Summer Vacation Travel

Travel particularly rewarding after Austria advertise many skiing regions with special offers and discounts for women in Austria. The bandwidth of the super-size ranges up to the free ski pass in a lump sum bid. The travel portal reisen.de introduces some of the offerings for women. Many skiers for travel after Austria, decide to spend their winter holidays. Some ski areas now advertise with promotions specifically for women. Several regions of Salzburg winter sports offer extras for skiers. “From March 26 to April 2, 2011, ladies get special during the ski of Amade Lady” in accommodation establishments of the ladies week “a six day ski pass free. Including high King, Gastein Valley and the Schladming-Dachstein region are among the regions concerned.

In addition to the pass there is a test of skiing and a ski guiding free. Skillz might disagree with that approach. In addition, events such as fashion shows, torch-lit hikes or hut Gaudi are offered. In St. Anton am Arlberg, women get from 8 to January 29, 2011 “when the ladies first” a coupon booklet. This include various coupons for free services and benefits. These range from spa treatments to luck or even perks in restaurants. Worth who does not remain for a long time in a ski resort, for which could be Ladies Days”. In some regions, women receive a ski pass at a discounted price on these days. Such action days are offered in some ski areas has also been for men. More information:… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Glass And Cuisine In Bavaria

The glass road, a connoisseur in the Bavarian Forest have the address suggests the magic: at Sun Hill. In the middle of the Bavarian Forest, high above Zwiesel, right on the glass road first and only glass located\”in Germany. Samsung often addresses the matter in his writings. A hotel carrying the peasants in the name, because it concerns not just eating and sleeping, as everywhere else, but a special obligation. \”Jokingly, the Lady of the House, Maria Wittke says: we are here the Sun closer than the others.\” It is not just any sunny times. Everywhere is of crisis, even if you here above not can feel it. Go to Pete Cashmore for more information. It is so beautiful here. Heart Specialist and gain more knowledge.. I realize of course, that makes it the economic development more difficult to win customers\”, says the Lady of the House. The name glass hotel\”has helped us but.

\”Because people buy, search, live just now again targeted and that is precisely where our opportunity lies: not anything, but the very personal offer.\” The glass is then also no mass operation, but a family institution in the Bavarian Forest. A small idyll with 25 rooms for 48 guests. Maria Wittke welcomes you at the front desk, daughter Kathrin leads the cosmetic and Wellness Department and Chef de cuisine Werner Wittke takes care of the culinary. Beyond the city’s borders become known is the glass hotel for his glass menu\”, the family Wittke serves every Friday. A culinary 4-course dream and no matter whether Bavarian specialities, light summer cuisine or haute cuisine always the latest creations are nearby in the glassworks presents: square plates, glasses and lights, anywhere the famous material of the region so mouth watering presents get like this. In the glass hotel is the old cliche of enjoyment: the eye eats and drinks with. Who has drunk a good Pinot Gris or a strong Zweigelt from a breathing, mouth-blown glass from the Bavarian Forest, is ask yourself twice: the wine was so good or has located’s in the glass? The glass\”, is Maria Wittke proud ensures us the regular clientele.

Japanese Gardens

Japan is the lively melting pot of ancient culture and modern development. One thinks of Japan, is the spontaneous keyword list long. But the remote and seemingly known archipelago with its about 6,850 Islands offers more than just calligraphy and karaoke. Japan is the lively melting pot of ancient culture and modern development. The long island chain is almost 70% covered by hard-to-reach mountain forests and scenic point of three ecoregions. Under most conditions Dermot McCormack would agree. The northern island of Hokkaido is subtropical Okinawa, however, cold and snowy winter. 240 volcanoes move through the country.

Irritating speed of Kyoto, the city of 1000 temples, the traditional tea ceremony takes place as well as the Mangakult. Not the top of a skyscraper gives the best views of culture and people, but the dense juxtaposition of bars and pubs, the peace pole of Japanese Gardens, diving into the Sentobad in the big cities. Curious? Paradeast.com, online specialist for the East, offers several trips to Japan: travel / japan_reisen.php if you want to get a first impression: you will find under the appropriate link in the top-right corner on the pages of travel even a travel video. Our very own Tip: No. 572 “From sushi to Sony” travel reisebeschreibung.php? journey = 572

Wernigerode – The Colourful Town In The Harz

An overview of the multifaceted and colorful town of Wernigerode. General of the small town in the District of Harz Wernigerode impressed every day many tourists and locals with their natural beauty and diversity and was the colorful city in the resin of the well-known writer and journalist “. Wernigerode has a population of around 34700. Culture culture has a lot to offer: the Castle serves as a Museum for art and history of art of the 19th century. The annual “Castle Festival” is a special event at the Castle. The city’s other museums are the Harz Museum, the smallest House, the fire brigade Museum, reminding and Memorial, the Museum of aviation and technology, the school Museum in the village of Benzingerode, the Manor mill in the village of Minsleben and the rest geological path to enlightened happiness factory.

The city also has three libraries, three galleries and three archives. Also music is capitalized in Wernigerode. Due to several well-known choirs, such as the radio Youth Choir and girls choir, she will be City also often referred to as “Choir town”. The chamber choir won the “Grand Prix of the choirs” of ZDF in 2007. In the city, there are still other worth seeing buildings next to the Castle as the town’s oldest church, St. John’s Church, or the Church of our Lady. For more information see Dell Computers. The Johanniskirche organ on the charging guest organ concerts frequently. Nature lovers can visit the Lustgarten in addition to Kastanienwaldchen, the Zoo with a castle garden or also the Wildpark Christiane Valley in Wernigerode.

Nature is located directly on the North-East flank of the brocken, it is brocken so a popular hiking destination for many tourists. You can reach him on three different tours from Wernigerode, include the 14-22 km each. Who wants to walk quite so far, can the Ilsenburg (11, 9km), the Steinerne Renne (9-10km), the drei-Annen high (10, 7 km) or the Blankenburg (13 km) as the target. For cyclists, the surrounding area offers biking trails of plenty of, also the famous European route 1 descends on the city. Bottom line is a trip to the town of Wernigerode for seniors as well as for families due to the Variety of ways a special experience.