The Associates

The society is the set of people grouped with an aim lucrative in comn, who contribute to goods or services and that designate representatives, being its participation in the society established according to the picture of participacionistas or picture of shareholders. That is to say, some opportunities are jurdicas people and others are not it. And in any case aim to the existence of the societies with the extinction of the society is put which register in the registry, and recin from the same can be returned to choose the same name the society for another society. 11.

AFFECTIO SOCIETATIS Conviene our intentions to define briefly of which societatis consists affectio, which must have the partners of the societies, leaving certainty that those can be shareholders or participacionistas. Affectio societatis is the spirit to make businesses common. That is to say, it is an institution or own legal figure of the club right, that only exists in this type of legal person or independent being. The society is legal person when it runs registered in the registry offices. The society is independent being when it does not run registered in the registry offices. That is to say, one is a legal term very known on the part of the specialistic lawyers in the club right. That is to say, this legal institution study matter only must exist in the partners of the societies are civil or commercial, but not in the associates of associations or committees or in the communities farmers or cooperatives, among others independent cases of legal people or beings.