The Computer Market

Summer – a lull in the computer market. Less and less drawn to people who needed, for example, laptop repair. No, it certainly can be, and need. But postponed until better times. Rather than to the warm weather. Moscow deserted, as possible for this city.

Last Thursday was out of it without the traffic jams in the evening to leave. When this happened! Even customers who need a replacement matrix for a laptop call somehow sluggish and barely driven by their e-Friends for repairs to the computer's Dr. Dolittle. If you need to buy a computer is cheap, do it now. Price falls are not that through the floor. Much lower.

Somewhere on the level of underground! Demand traditionally fallen, and no rent cancels. That lowered the price of computer wholesalers, to somehow maintain at least some traffic. Behind them is tightened and retail. Only no one take advantage of this attraction of unprecedented generosity. All are on vacation. Who in the country, who have the warm sea. But if you close and your computer needs repair, go it now. Autumn themselves say thank you!