The Most Powerful Magician

I myself possess psychic abilities, and I was wondering – who is the most powerful magician in the Internet? So, having spent his research and measuring the level of more than 50 magicians who in mind, I found the leader he was the magician Tamerlane! I wrote him a letter requesting a short interview – but he refused, saying he has a lot of work! Although it noted that he was ready to make me into his schedule, in case of payment of his time. He argued this the fact that his time is very expensive, and there is no difference where he spends his concentration to the interview or on your order. I read the information on its website and held a little analysis. First, it suggests the possibility of Tamerlane addressing other sorcerers, but says that those who have achieved a certain level are not at war with each other. It turns out that orders for the removal of other magicians are not always accepted. The question arises – who are these wizards and why they do not remove friend – a friend? With this question, I once again decided to turn to Tamerlane, and promised him no more trouble. He replied that they do not, just because as a result lose everything and they who have to realize harmony put up with some things, and refuse certain customers (for the entire practice, he dismissed only twice, with what their conclusion is very little). Tamerlane gave an example of an analogy – a nuclear war