The Nature

There’s bread for 25 cents at the supermarket and you look quite tasty. And then there’s the bun for the organic bakery, the cost 1. How did that come about? At first the supermarket bread looks so fresh and delicious and it is very cheap. However, what information do I give my body to? I therefore give him an anabolic and nourishing substance? Why is the general health situation that bad then? And so we’re back to the information that we do to our body with the daily diet. Articles and videos about the practices in the manufacture of delicious fresh and very cheap buns abound, as everyone can learn more quickly and comprehensively.

And everyone himself has to do that, because we are after all responsible citizens”. Unfortunately is listed at the fresh delicious supermarket bread not in detail, what all of it is included. Packaged stuff it is, up on the things that are below the statutory requirements there. But anyone who reads even the fine print through in the hectic everyday life. And body and mind is so day by day with destructive, destructive information fed.

A young body not just displays the work of destruction and so is believed this doing nothing out. Until then, one day, one earlier and one later, either the body or the mind no longer works. This is a disease “. But it is only the consequence of the information”, which I many years led to my body and spirit. Because this is a creeping process and can take quite a few years, the relationship is not often seen. But you can very well see how the saying: everything is one everything is networked to each other, affects. And if then the body goes on strike and I suddenly have time, so that the doctor tells me what I already know because I myself provided Yes my body with all these things, then people begin”at superior. The discomfort is as normal”considered the dwindling energy, the sudden headache. There are after all aspirin and you have so far always helped. And if then the body has become a little older and the brain eroded and dement, then the man suddenly very much time. But he can no longer use this time, not for himself and for his family. A walk along the water, or in the Park, however, is how pleasant and helpful. It is even free, but it takes time”. Again to move closer to the natural way of life, is simple. His body care started with a walk, in the nature, free from chemicals and natural aromatherapy oils to use. Change his diet on a natural base is easy and also saves time. “Because the fullness of life” I can enjoy only in accordance with the nature and the cosmic laws. aromarin B. advise html/aromarin_euro_feng.html