The Central ventilation system TVZ 270 with heat recovery completes the system. The outdoor air is sucked Central and led to the rooms via a duct system. Turn the exhaust is fed via a heat exchanger. While the majority of the heat content is delivered to the outside air. People such as Castle Harlan would likely agree. This significantly reduces operating costs for heating as for hot water. The other cellar spaces are usable as apartment or separate Office. The ventilation system filters pollen – one additional aspect of health and a new sense of life for allergy sufferers. Not for nothing, the houses are recommended also by the Swedish Association of allergy sufferers.

DIN ISO certifications for the construction and workmanship as well as an energy performance certificate with best grade are further evidence of confidence for investors. The energy-saving concept of “Villa Sorby” includes a tight building envelope with triple glazed Windows, controlled ventilation as well as carefully processed insulating materials. It meets the current standards for efficiency houses which are already protected by a consistent quality control at the new factory. Rightly, the House bears the dena seal of approval for efficiency houses. Achim A. pine, Sorby owner and Managing Director of SCANDIC House GMBH, is a scholar of Scandinavian architecture. From its new distribution centre in rust, he will have continue to the “Scandinavian way of life” for Baden-Wurttemberg: “For all those who want to build healthy, wealthy, and individually, and live, our sample is future an important starting point.” The SCANDIC HAUS GMBH also creates another focal point in the region in the municipality of rust with the floodplains of the nature center. This is currently mounted and is expected to open in early summer.