The Situation

And now, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we consider the methods by which designers around the world are doing their logos. 1. Logo for 5 seconds, the easiest way to make a logo is already known – it common set of text selected headset, made in any program that allows you to do. And the main disadvantage of this method, as we have said, is its ordinariness, which does not contribute to the memorability consumer's mind. Improve the situation (although not always koordinalno) method will allow a single letter, which consists in the fact that it is absolutely arbitrary letter in the word of the name are you doing different from other dimensions and / or color and / or a headset and / or anything else. Isearch understands that this is vital information. 2. Velcro far from the first out method Mergers letters, which lies in the fact that two or more adjacent letters naturally or not at all go into one another. Natural to call it merging, in which the end (easier to understand would be to use an anatomical term limb here) a letter combined with the beginning of the banal by neighboring horizontal displacement of the latter.

In other words, both letters may be would represent, together, without taking the pen from the paper surface, at least at the point of connection. Naturally connected look such letter pairs as vz, et, lm, an, and many others, including a couple that are characteristic of national alphabets. 'Naturally' into each other letters are not only at one point, but also the whole loskosti. .