Thomas Hobbes

22) In this manner, ‘ ‘ prncipe’ ‘ it is informed of the condition to conquer and if to keep as authority feared for the conquered people. In this context he is obvious that politics, for Maquiavel, is the condition to conquer and to conserve the power. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Politics would be the art of gestar, managing and to keep the power, or the art to conquer and to conserve the power. On the other hand, the politics is also a submission strategy where the ones that governs must submit the governed ones so that the first ones if keep in the power and the last ones if they hold in order not to threaten the condition assumed for the governor. Maquiavel (1996, p.47), says that ‘ ‘ (…) a wise prince must find a way for which its citizens, always and in any time, have necessity of the state and it; thus, they always it will be fieis’ ‘. The subjection is the main condition of the politics that allows the government to acquire and to keep the power. Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679), author of the workmanship ‘ ‘ Leviat’ ‘ , it points two ways it government to acquire the power, one would be for the force and to another one for the subjection. ‘ ‘ The sovereign power can be acquired in two ways.

One of them is the natural force, when a man compels its children if to submit, and these to submit its descendants, to its authority, in the measure where it is capable to destroy them in refusal case. Or when a subject man, by means of the war, its enemies to its will, granting to them it life with this condition. To another way he is when the men agree between itself to if submitting a man, or to an assembly of men, voluntarily, with the hope to be protected for it against everything.