Vocal Technique

Two very simple exercises exist which, if you take them out, will help you greatly improve your way of singing, allowing you to have a greater voice projection as well as greater range of tones you can achieve (both bass and treble), as well as a better tuning. Sounds good? Then read on. The first exercise is very simple, at least to explain, because the only thing you have to do is sit down and pay attention to your breathing and your posture for a few minutes. It is a kind of meditation, but you don’t need do nothing more than keep your awareness on your breathing and your position and you feel relaxed and happy. A good way to carry out this exercise is to put a timer for ten minutes and meditate until the meter beeps.

This will help you develop your body awareness and control of your voice, which are paramount when it comes to singing elements. Now, the second exercise is inspired by hindu culture. Start relaxing and keeping the attention on your breath (although you can do it in any position and posture that you want). Pay attention to the sensations you feel the level of all your skin. Pay attention to what you hear.

Now listening note OJ and then in your mind thinks Om but in that same Do you hear. A long Om. Then, it produces the same Om with your voice. Listen to the Om in your mind and the Om that you produce and compare them with the Do you have (you can produce is OJ with an instrument or with your computer). While produces the Om and make it sound in the same tone that the mental Om and the OJ, feels as it bounces the sound through your body, feel how the sound makes you vibrate. The exercise of align voices has such good results that seems to some like magic. Try it and you’ll see your vocal technique as improvements. So as you already said, these two techniques for learning to sing seem very simple but are actually very powerful and have the ability to change your way of learning singing completely.