What Is A Web Site ?

Site (web page, web site) – the basis of the World Wide Web. The word Web from the English. means "spider's web, network, and 'site'- space segment of the network. " By default, means that the site is located on the Internet. Generally speaking, this concept is extremely broad. It can be as simple little page with the text or an image and a powerful structure, consisting of hundreds and thousands of pages, PhD, general navigation. Technically very difficult determine what is regarded as a specific site, since one site can be entirely devoted to various topics, but its contents can be placed under different domain names.

And, therefore, that we regard this particular site, usually determines the developer himself. For example placed a set of pages under a common name and a common navigation – this is one site. And if placed separate page with a completely different names on one Domain name – this is another site. And it follows that the site – a collection (set) web pages (files, data) in a computer network united by a common navigation system under one address (domain name or IP-address) private person or company.