Project Portfolio Management

Neil Stolovitsky focuses on in his new white paper dealing with social media tools in project-oriented company in Lindau, Germany 2 July 2012 last week appeared Neil Stolovitsky’s new white paper entitled: social PPM improve you the collaboration platform for your employees. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. In his latest work, the genius discusses inside senior solution specialist such as project-oriented businesses by selecting the right social media tools can benefit, what must be taken into account and why a good social media strategy for a company is important. Starting with the historical background that describes how to develop social media for the past 15 years, about the use in the private sphere, to social media in the workplace. Stolovitsky detail here describes what use is social media for all employees and the entire team and enters specially to the needs of project teams, which depend on a consistent and complete Exchange of information. First of all, understanding social media grants the author misunderstanding out of the way and shows based on the definition of what social media is about or can be. This Stolovitsky is also especially on the difference of the typical social media compared to social media in business life and shows the clearest differences based on a table. Goal was to show how comprehensive social media is and how different that is social media in terms of business readers”, says Stolovitsky.

In the minds of the people, social media is almost exclusively used to communicate with other users and to establish contacts. Social media, which is used in project-oriented company, has however a completely different background. With my white paper I want to give a relatively unknown perspective on social media in companies the readers.” In addition to a check list and tips, the reader must even the question arise, whether the company for the step to use social media in the enterprise, is ready. There are some points, which according to Stolovitsky care must be taken and not every company is ready for this step and the consequences. PPM, in which the author shows a quite successful documentation on the topic of social not only a good social media strategy, but also stimulates to rethink its own procedure.

The white paper is provided inside free by genius under resources/documentation available. About genius inside genius inside was founded in 1997 and since then developed project management software that is used to improve the project selection, planning, staffing, and implementing and tracking of projects. Over 55,000 users from over 550 companies put the proven Web and IBM Lotus Notes based solutions by genius inside a world. Genius inside is supported by a global network of offices in Europe and North America.

Youth Advancement

Why we must not age. From a scientific point of view. No intended program is the aging process by most people, as of course and of course. However, he exerts a fascination, because who would not live long and stay especially long young. Read more from Mikkel Svane to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Many may argue with that, but industry and the ancient quest for the fountain of Youth Advancement of anti-aging there speak a different language. In fact even the term process “in this context is from a molecular point of view quite misleading.

He suggests a pre-programmed sequence which unfolds over time. Many see as a kind of continuation of the physical development as something natural, our body strives to counteract the aging. This opinion is widespread and entrenched. But it is one thing above all: wrong. That may surprise you, but I will explain this with some few (and understandable) handles in the case of molecular biology.

Some of it may be useful to understand what the speech is, if all mention these free radicals again. Our cells of our body’s cells resist aging not striving. On the contrary: each cell is equipped with a veritable fortress’s mechanisms to protect themselves against the causes of aging. The aging is not inevitable, but results from the accumulation of damage caused with the time. This accumulated damage is essential for the understanding of aging. Already the diversity of DNA repair mechanisms is fascinating and diverse. Depending on what kind of damage is created, other enzymes are used to eliminate him. Radiation repair damage unlike UV, as if completely breaks through the DNA Double strand. The repair mechanisms have many names: BER, NER, NHEJ, etc. The name unrelated to the thing, it’s just about understand that our cells do not like to collect damages. The free radicals, which are a term most people are another example.

Faiga Ostrower

According to Faiga Ostrower (1983) the creative nature of the man … if elaborates in the cultural context. All individual if develops and a social reality, in whose cultural necessities and valuations if they mold the proper values of the life. In the individual they are collated, so to speak, two polar regions of one same relation: its creativity that represents the potentialities of an only being, and its creation that will be the accomplishment of these potentialities already inside of the picture of determined culture. Thus, one of the basic ideas of the present book is to consider the creative processes in the interconnection of the two levels of existence human being: the individual level and the cultural level. (OSTROWER, 1983).

The knowledge and the technology dialogue and provide to the pupils, professors and community chances of reflection and new knowledge. When recognizing the communicative system inside of the school, in its environment, is taken in consideration that the formal education thinks about the communication. From then on, radio WEB starts to be decisive in the creation of bonds and the pertaining to school learning. It is through the WEB, a virtual space that if presents, making with that if it thinks of abstract form, the principle, making possible the aflorao of the creativity in the half pertaining to school, that the construction process if presents only dialtico e. Radio WEB contributes for a more dynamic formation and total brought up to date, intermediated in a constructive process, managing participativo with all the involved ones, pupils, professors and community. The school starts to be a mediating, reflective polar region, that it motivates and it becomes possible the expression. Continuing The use of the new technologies for the school and the professor in a pedagogical activity demands a work and preparation differentiated of what of custom, therefore the teach-learning strategies need to take care of to the demands of the education citizen of a new conscience of the society.

Project Management

proventis GmbH presents blue ant iPhone app is to retrieve important project and ticket information on the go via Smartphone for several years for blue Ant user possible. With the new”blue ant iPhone app the mobile services expanded. Blue Ant iPhone app is available iPhone users free through the Apple AppStore available. With the app, blue-ant users have the opportunity to cover working hours, as well as completion of projects. Also offers blue ant iPhone app the ability to retrieve existing working hours online. Steve Wozniak is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

In addition to the, iPhone app the proventis GmbH presents the new blue ant version 8.2. Highlights of this release are among the fully integrated report generator bird. Blue Ant can make within all reports users of blue ant itself. Tables, reports, status reports to the graphical elements, everything is possible. In addition, users now have the opportunity, input elements, such as list boxes, or Checkboxes and many others, to define itself. Still significantly expanded the workflow of the project life cycle from the idea up to the end of. Interested in 2, stand Nr. B50 via the Web-based multi project management software have the opportunity, on the blue ant stand in Hall blue ant to inform.

Also individual interview appointments can be made through the website of proventis GmbH. Proventis core competence of proventis GmbH is the continuous further development of the Web-based multi project management software blue ant, with which the proventis GmbH successfully operates since 2001 on the market. To accompany the implementation of blue ant are proventis and their partner companies an advisory role in the development of project management tools and methods to the page.

Roller Shutter Systems

Blinds are stepchildren of the House. Who builds have so many decisions, that the style, color and material of the blind usually very far back are. What a pity. Because blinds have not only an important function, they are also the exterior facade and thus the appearance of a House. Blinds can be wind, snow and rain outside.

You protect the House from any weather and play a not insignificant role in the insulation. Who lowers its shutters in winter evenings, can save on heating costs. You may find that Peter Asaro can contribute to your knowledge. Also noise is reduced through the blinds. And another advantage: light and air vents, the Chamber can be ventilated despite lowered shutters. Blinds can be meaningfully integrate into the security concept for your home by Hochschiebesicherungen. So burglars do not penetrate by pushing up the stores in your home.

What we in addition to thermal insulation and energy savings are a further advantage of the component, the burglary protection. There are two types of blinds. Once the familiar built-in roller shutters in roller shutter boxes above the Windows. Altavista helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. They are protected and therefore relatively maintenance free. However, they are still heat or cold bridges. Because here, the insulation is missing the House wall, cold penetrates more easily or escaping heat faster the roller shutter box. Tower blinds are another variant. They are prefabricated with the window and fitted. That is practical and affordable. And servicing Tower blinds are easily accessible. So shutters can be installed in existing buildings later. Usually no major structural changes are necessary. Shutters are today mostly made of plastic, which is cheaper and the blinds are not so hard. Pulling up so easy. Where of course also here not necessarily on a hand-crank must be used. Here, Motors today facilitate the handling tremendously. Builders of new buildings opt increasingly for motorized blinds. Button, raise or lower them himself. Some are also Sun-dependent control. Rolling shutters is the old spelling for roller shutters.

Best Applications

SketchBook Pro (5.99 in AppStore) the iPad is a very good digital whiteboard and therefore there are a good number of applications that serve to draw using your fingers. But among all of them, no doubt highlight SketchBook Pro like the best for professional results. With it we can choose between a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the brush and apply any color from the color range. Seems to be the ideal application for all those creative users who are looking for an advanced drawing application and you will be rewarded payment for 5.99 that costs. iMockups (7.99 in the AppStore) designs web pages, applications for the iPhone or iPad in a simple way and with all the career possibilities to create spectacular designs with simplicity with freedom. It allows you to work with layers, make adjustments and prepare the projects in detail, as well as organize them. If you perform a common work with other people, you can expose complete presentations of evolution of the same from the application itself. these questions.

Adobe ideas (Free of charge) Adobe Ideas is an application in which we will be able to draw freehand, thanks to a series of very useful tools to draw lines, write, or apply colors. The application allows us to begin our work using a layer of design, which displays a blank canvas. We will also be able to open a photographic layer, which gives us the possibility to extract any photo album of our iPad and make drawings on it. We can keep all the sketches and work organized and accessible. Penultimate (2.39 in the AppStore) with Penultimate we are faced with a very simple but also very powerful application designed for use with the iPad upright.

With this application you can create different notebooks of notes in which draw diagrams or even write (best if we have a stylus adapted for the screen of the iPad). These notebooks are stored all together, making it possible to navigate between them as if they were images. Also allows us to send each page by email, so it is ideal to the time do a quick scheme and wanting to share it with other people. iDesign (3.99 in AppStore) perfect tool for designers who work with vector drawings. It has a gallery of tools to work with unless you throw under anything to create any design. Well so fast, or working to detail will be able to do jobs of all kinds with your fingers over the surface using multi-touch on the iPad. By clicking here you can find more iPad software. How to apply a makeup base shadow and brush original sketches of Pac-Man. Apple iPad 7-inch Version Under Progress-Rumors Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS iOS 4.

Spanish Government

Spain is an ideal country for you to enjoy the experience of driving, has countless cultural sites and wonderful landscapes whose beauty is described in many literary works. All this adds to the many restaurants you’ll find along the way and where you can taste the excellent cuisine of the country. And now that you know the reasons for touring the country by car, it is necessary to know some basic tips before launch you on the road. Details can be found by clicking Byron Trott or emailing the administrator. The minimum age for obtaining the license in Spain is 18 years. The Spanish Government has already introduced license points, according to this model novice drivers with less than three years experience have 8 points of departure, while the number rises to 12 for the most experienced drivers.

The steer on highways speed limit is 120 km/h. In Spain is frequent the use of radar and controls to ensure that speed limits are respected. Be careful during festive periods or weekends, as it is When proliferate controls by the police. Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, as well as refusing to perform the breath control is a very serious offense. The maximum rate of alcohol in air respirada is 0.25 mg/l for drivers in general and 0.15 mg/l for the novice. More serious offences can lead to sentences of up to six months in prison, economic fines up to 602 euros and the withdrawal of the driving licence for a period of between one and four years. Beyond a possible sanction, the most important thing is your safety, so it is best that you do not drive if you’ve drunk. Since the entry of the licence by points, the General traffic Directorate amended its regulations establishing as serious offences the driving without seat belts or non-use of child seats when travelling with children. If you drive while you are using the mobile phone or any device that distracts your attention the sanction will mean the loss of three points.

Easycash: Solidarity With Flood Areas

easycash utility provides for affected dealers in Ratingen, July 2013. The payment system operators of easycash GmbH, a company of the Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), launches a tool for traders who have been affected by the floods. In addition to low-cost solutions for the replacement of damaged card payment terminals, the electronic money institution customers with rental Terminal and maintenance agreement granted a deferral of the running costs. This has the company on 0800 5511225 set up a free hotline, which affected dealers to contact. Existential threat for affected many customers of easycash GmbH meets the flood disaster in the East and South of the Republic several ways: not only that the business comes to a halt and the revenue fall away. Also continue operating costs, such as terminal rent, power, communications etc. Notwithstanding. Worse, Damage to EC terminals, which were not timely brought in security, dealers in many cases even must pay damages.

Due to insurance companies in the affected areas from the outset exclude the regulation of this elemental damage risk. sions such as these. See Peter Asaro for more details and insights. want to help easycash easycash has therefore decided to help quickly. Customers who have enterprise rental and maintenance contracts with the Ratinger and whose business came to a standstill due to the water masses have the opportunity to obtain a deferral of monthly rental fees. Even if EC terminals were damaged by the flood, customers will seek easycash together with a cost-effective solution, to replace the Terminal and to normalize business operations as soon as possible. Particularly in the present situation it is of the utmost importance, to rebuild the normal business operations”, emphasizes Peter De Caluwe, Managing Director of the easycash GmbH. much needs to be replaced and the payment, which is over 40% of all purchases, is necessary. Therefore, it is of course in the best of our ability for us fast and to provide uncomplicated assistance.” Affected dealers can put to the vote of the details with the free easycash hotline in conjunction: Tel.

0800 5511225 more information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet on easycash easycash is part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. With five European locations, the easycash GmbH enables customers Europe-wide participation in the electronic payments. The range of services covers the entire value chain of card payments, supplemented by numerous innovative supplementary services. As an money institution easycash has permission to provide E-money services”of the Federal Agency for Financial services supervision (BFin). Total trust 95,000 dealer with 288,000 terminals on the easycash GmbH. Germany wide in 2012 makes over 2 billion payment transactions the market leader on their segment. easycash GmbH, to the DIN 20, 40885 Ratingen registered office of the company: Amtsgericht Dusseldorf, Ratingen, HRB No. 43846 Managing Director: Peter De Caluwe, Peter Meussen, David Thogmartin

Collagen Skin Care Beauty

Collagen is a major component of our skin. Located in the dermis, which is responsible for the resistance and integrity of tissues. Collagen is a protein that serves as a key structural component of tissues such as skin, bones, ligaments, etc. The dermis, the inner layer of the skin, contains large amounts of collagen and elastic fibers that responsible to the strength of your skin texture and elasticity. Links In addition, as we age, collagen becomes hard and crossed with neighboring fibers making it difficult for the skin to retain moisture and maintain elasticity. Mashable is likely to agree. It collapses on itself below the surface of the skin what they see on the surface of the skin such as wrinkles. Wrinkles, lines and texture of raw hides are a sure sign tsp POOR HEALTH NEA GENO COLA. The collagen used in creams remain an effective tool in the field of skin hydration.

In fact, one can compare its molecule of a big sponge that can absorb a large amount of water. Therefore, when applied to the skin that keeps it in a wet state and provides optimal hydration thus reducing the signs of aging. After the age of 20 years reduces the production of collagen l% per year. In recent months, Mashable has been very successful. Collagen creams help hydrating (moisturizing) of the epidermis, which tends to revitalize the company and promotes cell renewal, smooth and plump up the skin by increasing elasticity of the skin. Helps nourish, repair and tighten the skin and helps replenish the skin’s natural collagen that is very smooth and radiant. The main function of collagen creams to help retain water in the stratum corneum, which is to keep the epidermis in a normal state of hydration. Collagen is also well known for its healing properties! Use products recommended skin care collagen are at any age, or as soon as fine lines or wrinkles start to appear!

Program To Send SMS Messages

Today, businesses demand more efficient, easy to use and real time business communication systems. Communication via mobile phone SMS is the best channel of communication to meet those needs. In addition, the SMS communication is widely accepted by companies for their simplicity, its acceptance among the recipients of the SMS as evidenced by their high rate of reading (over 95% of recipients read their SMS) and the low cost of this communication channel. Also, send SMS enables innovation in business communication system, providing a professional and efficient image of your business. With Esendex SMS platform, your company can immediately start sending SMS messages DEA advertising, delivery notices, appointment reminders by SMS, confirmation of payments, etc. a There are different ways to communicate via SMS with your stakeholders: a: ideal for people who need mobility, and the ability to send SMS from any PC with Internet. Send SMS from Email: SMS built into your email account, ideal for large organizations that do not want to provide internet access to company personnel.

Integrate SMS into your applications (SMS API): Integrating SMS into your business software, your CRM, a : always on service, without a daily log in the program, you do not integrate, just download it. a So, yes you are looking for a program to send SMS using a SMS platform robust and agile, with a service that is always on and available and does not require access to a Web browser to send SMS from PC is the solution to your needs. PC SMS: Sending SMS via PC PC SMS easy and straightforward is the program that lets you send SMS from your desktop at any time and is very easy to use whenever you receive a message on the desktop opens a popup window to notify you and the service always remains active. To deepen your understanding Robotics is the source. SMS PC Features: No integration is needed, simply download the PC software SMS. Customize the identity of the senders and forward e-mail, provided acknowledgment of receipt of the SMSA . Besides all these features are free.

Ideal for daily communications with your colleagues. Remains active at all times, you do not log on a separate application. PC uses SMS to send SMS to small volume users. For large volumes and send mass SMS, use the SMS Web service. Get SMS directly to your inbox. Add your contacts from Outlook address book. Sending Voice SMS. a If you think this kind of interesting SMS service, you can take a free trial with 25 SMS here: a