Best Applications

SketchBook Pro (5.99 in AppStore) the iPad is a very good digital whiteboard and therefore there are a good number of applications that serve to draw using your fingers. But among all of them, no doubt highlight SketchBook Pro like the best for professional results. With it we can choose between a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the brush and apply any color from the color range. Seems to be the ideal application for all those creative users who are looking for an advanced drawing application and you will be rewarded payment for 5.99 that costs. iMockups (7.99 in the AppStore) designs web pages, applications for the iPhone or iPad in a simple way and with all the career possibilities to create spectacular designs with simplicity with freedom. It allows you to work with layers, make adjustments and prepare the projects in detail, as well as organize them. If you perform a common work with other people, you can expose complete presentations of evolution of the same from the application itself. these questions.

Adobe ideas (Free of charge) Adobe Ideas is an application in which we will be able to draw freehand, thanks to a series of very useful tools to draw lines, write, or apply colors. The application allows us to begin our work using a layer of design, which displays a blank canvas. We will also be able to open a photographic layer, which gives us the possibility to extract any photo album of our iPad and make drawings on it. We can keep all the sketches and work organized and accessible. Penultimate (2.39 in the AppStore) with Penultimate we are faced with a very simple but also very powerful application designed for use with the iPad upright.

With this application you can create different notebooks of notes in which draw diagrams or even write (best if we have a stylus adapted for the screen of the iPad). These notebooks are stored all together, making it possible to navigate between them as if they were images. Also allows us to send each page by email, so it is ideal to the time do a quick scheme and wanting to share it with other people. iDesign (3.99 in AppStore) perfect tool for designers who work with vector drawings. It has a gallery of tools to work with unless you throw under anything to create any design. Well so fast, or working to detail will be able to do jobs of all kinds with your fingers over the surface using multi-touch on the iPad. By clicking here you can find more iPad software. How to apply a makeup base shadow and brush original sketches of Pac-Man. Apple iPad 7-inch Version Under Progress-Rumors Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS iOS 4.