Cars Hybrids

In Japan is the best-selling car in the market, becoming the first car of its kind to lead a market with over 200,000 sales. These cars combine a gasoline engine and an electric, why spend much less fuel, and in case, are up to 50% less polluting. According to what was said by the Government of Japan these cars enable them to save up to 15% on the purchase of the car, that’s why these cars are transformed into something normal in the East a Tokyo analyst express that this is the beginning of a new one was that cleaner cars will be imposed. And today the hybrid has positioned itself as the model that will mark the way for at least the next five or six years. the instability of the price of crude oil, the still distant cars alternative of hydrogen, or the price of manufacture of the electric are among the factors which allow display to the hybrid as the only alternative in the medium term.

The crisis and the biggest concern for the hybrid and electric cars, climate change have become stars. Among those who fight with the Toyota prius this year are presented the coupe Volkswagen and the honda fit, being the Toyota prius the most accessible according to the price of them. Honda Fit Volkswagen compact however, while honda model racing since 1999 with Toyota, it not has stopped being a leader. In the United States is the undisputed leader, as they say there is a car for conscious people. All this as we know nothing can be of roses always has to be something that is not well. And the problem is toxicity of nickel batteries requiring electric motors for hybrids. The other problem is the type of Earth that use these cars for their components. Similar to other nations such as India and Brazil will now go for smaller, more economical vehicles. But it is clear that then they opted for more efficient vehicles, whether hybrid or pure electric.