Pirmasenser Photo Days

More renowned national and international top photographers decide to participate in the photo event from 10 to 26 June 2011 * access to high-quality photo art of different genres for professionals and also interested laymen to 25 publicly accessible locations of Pirmasens, January 12, 2011. Swarmed by offers, App Store is currently assessing future choices. Exactly according to plan, the preparations for the 2011 Pirmasenser Photo Festival fashion: for the event from June 10 to 26 35 of the targeted 70 photographers have already confirmed, including also the five participants from Romania and Poland. You all will be presenting a selection of her paintings on the occasion of the third edition of the photo events and this in various public places. So their rooms for the photographic art in addition to the Rheinberger building, in which an image selection of all participating artists will be seen, including the Town Hall, various offices, banks and shops as well as catering establishments to provide, currently it scattered 25 locations across the city. The range of genres ranges to spectacular pictures from the underwater photography among other things by the event photography around Theatre, concert and cinema of staged photography of people and nature. Newly added to the Group of consistently renowned photographers, will exhibit their high-quality and award-winning art in Pirmasens is among others Frank Melech, creating always new, unknown worlds by using special techniques in his digital works.

In addition, a distinct, unique imagery features photos from Sylwia Makris, while George Portz as dedicated light artist of especially of erotic portrait photography is dedicated to. Just five months before the start of the event we are excellent in the plan with the Pirmasenser photo days, both what is the locations as well as at the increasing number of participating photographers. Are particularly pleased that we have now firm commitments by professionals not only from Germany, but also from Poland and Romania will show the parts of their works at various places in the city and also Here we await you again with some but quite unusual locations, they would call at first sight not directly as a place of exhibition of photographic art”, comments Harald Kroher, the artistic director of the photo days. The different genres, in which the photographer show a cross-section of their work will inspire not only professionals, but also the many laymen and occasional visitors with its diversity.

Lowa Safety Shoes

One of the top priorities in Iowa was always the quality and fit one of the top priorities in Iowa was always the quality and fit. Also part was and is the business location Germany. Here is working permanently on the optimization of technology, function and design feverishly. So a safety shoe is named Iowa it must be perfectly crafted down to the last detail, and the traditional name. Understand these important odds and ends and there are innovative and motivated employees, who are able to live and develop this philosophy to be able to work out. Range, up to the partners, highest value is put on their competence and which need to be market leader in its market segment.

So it’s obvious that takes over production of Iowa safety shoes Lowa safety boots of the lower Rhine safety shoe manufacturers and technology leader in the industry, Elten of Uedem. With over 100 years of experience, no doubt should arise, whether van Elten of this task has grown. Also to prove that also the safety footwear of the Lowa work collection meets the needs of the carrier down to the last detail, it needs a lot of understanding for the production of safety footwear and the use of modern techniques. The launch of the collection makes the Lowa Serval work in the version S1 that is built for the work is not by sure-footed, but has a toe cap, which protects against unpleasant injuries such as bruises. The outer material of the Lowa security schuhs consists of a part of suede and a part of mesh fabric, which helps the shoe to high levels in the breathing activity. Support comes from the also breathable textile lining, which outwardly promoted warm and humid air, produced by sweating, supports the air circulation inside the work shoe. However, the water-repellent behavior to the victim, which affect usage areas in the indoor area not disturbing but drop the high breathability.

Freistehnde Bathtub

Freestanding bathtub made of carbon which is there more exclusive? Are you ready for the unique? N 1 is the first top product of the Austrian company Corcel. The exclusive and exceptional bath differs from all the others on the market in the form, appearance, design and especially the material carbon. Carbon has ge finds its way from space on the racing to the noble forge in bathroom design. Each handmade unique will be awarded with a certificate. And every year produced only a limited number of the noble and exclusive designer pieces.There are secrets and some a few knowledge and now we have the pictures and videos to.

Corcel luxury bath Queen in black. The bath manufacturer of corcel domiciled in Morzarts birthplace Salzburg, in the team realized a spectacular idea. They created a luxury bathroom line that used carbon, so carbon fibres as raw material. In this extraordinary design, high-tech know-how and visionary design enter a congenial connection. With the use of complex CAD/CAM and Autoklaven-technology and meticulous hand work used the fine carbon tissue for expensive designer furniture for the bathroom. Corpo celeste, the name says it: the Italian name means heavenly bodies and in fact the objects appear like from another world coming.

Thus, a new, futuristic chapter is pitched in bathroom design on top level that alludes to the aviation and motor racing. Until 2009, the latest Boeing 787 with a complete hull was made of carbon. The Aston Martin DB9 was presented at the “Salon” in Carbon trim Geneva 2010. The first product of Corcel its Internet page on time will go online to launch the ISH is N I, a luxury bath the Queen in black! Seductive and mysterious attracts this black object attention, a spa in mystical spheres promising.Luxury bath Designer. Magic in carbon for approximately 30 years carbon fabric are produced for technical use.

Gain Virtual Platforms

“3 V-locity virtual platform addresses deficiencies by I/O bottlenecks, slow virtual memory, slow migration, resource conflicts, waste of memory space and slow backup speeds that gave Diskeeper Corporation on the VMworld gain” (Las Vegas) the publication of the new V-locity 3 virtual platform disk optimizer for VMware known. V-locity 3 offers invisible background optimization to deliver maximum I/O performance on virtual servers. V-locity 3 allows now complete integration with VMware ESXi as well as existing support for other platforms such as ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V. Further developments include the V-aware technology for the detection of external resource use by other virtual machines on the virtual platform and resolution of resource conflicts, which would otherwise exist on the same host server. The new CogniSAN technology detects the external resource usage within a common system of storage such as SAN and enables a transparent optimisation by at any time to Competing resources, are claimed by other virtual stores in the same storage infrastructure. CogniSAN accomplished this without any disruption of operations at the SAN layer.

And finally, there is the new automatic space recovery, a powerful engine that eliminates out unused data blocks/data blocks on virtual hard disks and facilitates the virtual disk compaction. The biggest advantages are space acquisition and I/O improvement in my opinion. And if the defragmentation process was necessary, this has been optimized for the virtual environment. We would seek, V-locity on all new virtual hosts and virtual store to install.”- Tom Berchenbriter, IT Director, family environmental is a major concern for virtual guest operating system in a virtualized environment in the potential resource conflict that arises, because each virtual guest operates independently of the others. “When it comes to storage reduces the 3 V-locity virtual platform disk optimizer a excessive use.”-Bill Moller, RainWorx V-locity 3 acts like a virtual doctor, which addresses many of the chronic diseases suffered by server: I/O bottlenecks, slow virtual memory, slow migration, resource conflicts, waste of space, slow backup speeds, and more. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from altavista. .

Different Types Of Neon

For every taste, occasion and budget there is the matching neon sign to the outward rotation of the beneficence of a company Leuchtrekklame is still the best and most effective solution. But Leuchtraklame is not equal to neon. Following is an overview of the various models and types of neon. Illuminated letters represented here the logo or the letters from individual letters. Applied to a single facade neon work often more noble than lightbox. Illuminated letters are increasingly equipped with Stomsparender LED technology. There are different types of illuminated letters, here the most common types: Shell chandelier: the front of the letter consists of an opaque material. This can be for example, stainless steel, aluminium or acrylic.

Also, the bottom of the letter is lichtundurchlaassig. Only the frame, so the page”of the letter consists of a translucent material, so that the lettering is indirectly illuminated. Rear chandelier: the rear chandelier is the front and sides of the letters from an opaque material. Only the base is translucent. There is also an indirect illumination of the sign. This creates a discreet lighting that is often required in pedestrian zones (where many neon signs are attached).

Front lighting: The front of the letter is made of translucent acrylic glass and has a strong luminosity. Sides and bottom of the letter can be also partially translucent. A disadvantage of the Neon is that the power of the individual letters must be elaborately hidden and incorporated. Especially if these are subsequently attached to a building. Light boxes square, practically good light boxes. Very affordable solutions can be implemented, but also individual and exceptional achievements are possible. Also equipped with LED lights is becoming more common in light boxes. These promise a low power consumption, low maintenance and easy replacement of light sources during maintenance work. Default lightbox: the simple lightbox out Aluminium profiles with acrylic panel laminated on the printed film is. A simple solution that is the best alternative for the small budget. Because again, the printed film can make the standard box to the individual lighting object. Dekupiert: the lightbox is made of high-grade aluminum. The logo or the lettering from the front dekupiert (cut out) and deposited with a flat (colored) acrylic glass. Inserted by: from the aluminum lightbox logo, or the Schrirtzug is also dekupiert, but with a strong 10-20 mm acrylic put through. It lights the frame or the frame and the front.

Luis Goytisolo

Luis Goytisolo “Humans have known darkest times, so foolish, possibly not.” Luis Goytisolo. THE VOICE OF A COMMITTED WRITER Within the group of social realism has been prominent place Luis Goytisolo, although recent work has taken very different directions. Committed writer who lives over time and eventually you live. Genetec ALPR calculator shines more light on the discussion. Luis Goytisolo Gay was born in Barcelona on March 17, 1935, brother of the writers and Juan Jose Agustin Goytisolo. As a young boy lost his mother, a victim of a bombing on the city Franco in Barcelona in 1938. His penchant for reading and writing began very early and began writing two novels at age eleven, from then on was his uncle Luis, who introduced him to the love of American fiction.

He graduated in law. He received the award in 1956 Sesame stories. GoPro Hero 9 may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In 1994 he was elected academician of the Royal Spanish Academy to fill the vacancy of the poet Luis Rosales. Currently exists in the city of El Puerto de Santa Maria la Fundacion Luis Goytisolo, located in the Palace Villarreal and Purullena. His first novels, The outside (1958), Biblioteca Breve Prize, and the same words (1962), are influenced by the realistic objectivism time, with special emphasis on dialogue, the absence of a central character and characterized by structural dispersion and plurality of perspectives juxtaposed with interlocking actions. This structural complexity is exacerbated in tetralogy Antagonia known for some of the summits of the Spanish narrative of recent years, where the reader is immersed in an endless tangle of thoughts, feelings, stories and discursive sequences: count (1973) kind of reflective character generational autobiography, The Greens May to Sea (1976), The Anger of Achilles (1979) and Theory of Knowledge (1981).

The group reviewed many facets of human life, combining the narrative and discourse, analyzing especially the memories of childhood and adolescence in a bourgeois society and the relationships and erotic, the author devotes particular attention to the confrontation of the writer with the writing and the act of creation, including through the metaliterature-in the third uses the mechanism of the novel within the novel. The language becomes redundant, thorough, ideological and discursive. In later novels the theme is repeated twice and disappears every time the importance of the argument: The Edict of Milan (1979), Trail of fire away (1984), won the Critics Award, Research and conjectures Claudio Mendoza (1985), The paradox of bird migration (1987) and statue with pigeons (1992), National Fiction Prize in 1993. Eyes, circles, owls (1970), included with Devore (1976) Fables (1988) are experimental in nature prose. Among his later novels, we quote: Placer thinners (1997), Stairway to Heaven (1999), Journal 360 (2000), Liberation (2003) and attentive ear to the birds (2006). He has also published the essay The Future of word (2002), collection of articles in the press. Luis Goytisolo works occasionally in several newspapers, especially in the country, and is author of TV documentary series: Indian and Mediterranean. From his early works that reflect their own social realist atmosphere prevailing then, Luis Goytisolo has continued to evolve into a more complex, simultaneous multiple perspectivism and patterns. And, as the Catalan writer: “Power tends nowadays to be exercised simultaneously from the village, the people and against the people.” Francisco Arias Solis There was never a good war or a bad peace. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum. URL:

Air Conditioning

More than two months of close contact with the RR Sport strengthened my opinion that the owner of this car should have a healthy sense of humor. Because love this little machine. To some, it flourishes must be treated as a friendly draw – and nothing else. You do not take offense at the old faithful friend, who at a banquet tied to a chair with your shoelaces? Offended? Then buy a family sedan … Meals during the summer at the dacha. Learn more about this with Motorola. In a detour from betonke where incredibly shaken. In middle of the road, probably in protest against such abuses, Air-Air includes a central board to me.

And there would say 'go on a normal road, please'. Instead, he tells of a pile of failures in their electronic brains – shaken! 'Faulty gearshift, handbrake fault', fault, failure, malfunction … 1 / 1 do not write, you bastard, that 'stop, can not go, ishi service! " Realizes that there is nowhere! Get out, turn off, turn on, a smoke. Al-Riyadh also rested and cheerful rolls on, forgetting about the problem. Well, is this possible to be angry? In the summer, in the heat, we were greatly struck by havchik. I drank tons of mineral water, Air-Air – diesel fuel. But tons of tons of no offense – Air Conditioning working at maximum capacity and really cool not only the salon, but my arm in a mineral water-cooler. And then it became cool and was completely fun.

Fuel consumption is normal, not to show off electronics. Al-Riyadh cheered even accelerated to become faster, justifying his middle name – Sport. No, honestly. Discovery, with the same engine oshushalsya little dumber. Maybe it's magic nameplate Sport? How it will happen nobody knows. Wait and see. All other very interesting news auto world can be found on the website (link below).

The Main Thing You Need To Know To Select And Prepare Kalyana

For those who are not the first time with hookah deals, this article may not seem very informative. But still, it is not possible to know everything, maybe that new and find out. Hookah is called differently Hookah, Shisha, Nargile, Shisha, but regardless of the name of its use reduced to one, namely a good time, enjoying the fragrant smoke of a variety of fruit and other hookah tobacco. As you know hookah is the safest way of smoking tobacco. Hookah tobacco contains lowest tar and nicotine content of all common tobacco.

And what’s more, for the pleasure of smoking a hookah is needed quiet and calm. When choosing a water pipe, no matter for what purpose he bought for a gift or for yourself it should be, first of all, quality. And it needs to know what is each part of the hookah, and with what materials they should be made. And so: Bowl for tobacco (chilim) – used to driving in it, and tobacco is the primary filter element. Material: glazed ceramics. Mine – used to clean the smoke from the nicotine and tar. Material: stainless steel.

It is advisable to choose not mine small length – 40-60 cm Kolb, namely, its contents (water, milk, juice, etc.) – serves to cool the smoke and clean it from the burned coal particles that passed through the holes in the foil. Material: metal, glass. For convenience, choose a transparent or translucent bottle. Hose. Material: leather or imitation leather. saucer – should wear tightly on his shaft and to be with high sides. Well, on the hookah learned hookah chosen. Proceed directly to the main – the preparation of hookah smoking, which should be given a little time and attention. If you use charcoal, which takes time to heat, then we must first take care of embers. The next step will be installation of tobacco. Stack tobacco to small parts and no large particles (rods), and most importantly securely. Obvorachivaem bowl with foil and make holes in it, the smaller they are, the better. Then to pour the liquid in the flask, and the shaft tube should be immersed in the 1.5 – 2.0 cm collecting water pipe, take a prepared coal, and put it in a cup. Coal should not be much (it will burn tobacco) but little of it to be improper. After a few puffs should go sweet and fragrant smoke. Shisha, then what? After smoking pour the water and throw tobacco. Wash the flask. With a special perch (up to a meter, with a short bristle 0.5 – 1.5 cm) clean tube going through the entire top of the hookah. Wipe dry. Store hookah recommended in the disassembled form.

Spam Messages

What is spam? Spam (born spam) – messages sent en masse to people, did not wish to receive them. First of all, the term "spam" refers to emails. Motrola Razr 5G has many thoughts on the issue. Spammers are sending virtually worthless, but expensive cost to the recipient of spam, which has to pay your provider time (or bandwidth) it took to receive unsolicited mail from a mail server. Providers, of course, brings inconvenience spam due to increased load on the channels (this is partly compensated increase in pay, user defined). By the nature of mass mailings, the last difficult work of information systems and resources, creating for them a useless burden. Network users also have to spend time each day to process useless for them marketing messages.

In order to reduce this time, they use protivospamnye filters that can erase and important message, regarding it as spam. However, the man who was forced to watch dozens of advertising messages a day, too, can easily pass among them the right. Spam can be a carrier Trojans and viruses – an attacker does delivery of these programs on a specific range of addresses (ie, user defined computer network) in order to gain access to computer systems, rendering them unusable or receiving sensitive data. Practically, this happens rarely, most viral programs are distributed independently, and this spread, as has been noted above, usually referred to as spam. Spam, also harms the reputation of the followers of this method of marketing. Imitation of spamming can be used to discredit the goods (which it is advertised) and / or operator, with addresses to which it (supposedly or really) is performed, that is, spam can be used in unfair competition and the black pr. Download clarity of the material we offer you acquainted with several dozen real spam emails came to my box recently (May 2007). On this example you can see the diversity and relevance of subjects of spam messages. spam download (zip file, 190 kb)

Deutsche Bahn AG

Professional rust protection for trade and private micaceous iron oxide is a purely mineral natural product, an iron oxide with shed-like structure. It is used in paints and lacquers for two reasons. The most important is its excellent suitability as anti-corrosion pigment. Micaceous iron oxide coating and micaceous iron oxide color are also shed tank colour due to the scale-like structure of the pigment”called. A scale armour is so on the surface to be protected”trained, which greatly hampered the formation of corrosion. Qwiki wanted to know more. But also a protection against UV radiation, air pollution, resistance to chemicals or gasoline round off the excellent technical properties. The second reason for the use of iron MICAS is in appearance of micaceous iron oxide pigments. A micaceous iron oxide varnish provides also a metallic effect, whose glittering is appreciated.

The main application area is the surface protection of metals, such as iron, steel, zinc or aluminum. Micaceous iron oxide coating can be found both in the large steel structures, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Berlin Radio tower as well as in the private sector, fences, railings, classic car restoration, etc. Eldekor Lackfabrik delivers micaceous iron oxide coating industrial-grade for the first time also for small businesses and home users. Thus, rust protection at the highest level, designed for bridges, masts and other steel structures in small containers of only 1 or 3 kg is now available. The Eldekor iron MICA coatings adhere to the strict specifications of the Deutsche Bahn (TL/TP-KOR – steel structures (technical delivery conditions of Deutsche Bahn AG and the Bundesanstalt fur Strassenwesen-BAST) and offer thanks to its high proportion of solid state permanently good protection against corrosion here is not saved to the micaceous iron oxide!) Eldekor iron MICA coatings are easy to work with the brush and require the use of a sprayer.

They are good opaque and offer a very good optical result. The micaceous iron oxide coatings are offered in two different systems: the classic building is multi-layer. After the removal of a rust protection or Allgrund is deleted first existing rust and clean the area, which should make for good adhesion of the subsequent coating with micaceous iron oxide varnish. In the other, the single-layer system, rust protection reason is waived on the; “the system is designed so that a good adhesion on zinc in the micaceous iron oxide paint already installed” is. Due to the high percentage of iron MICAS, which something turn basically every shade greyish, pure bright shades are not possible. The colour card of the Deutsche Bahn has prevailed in practice and micaceous iron oxide varnish is usually after the so-called DB notes”produced. The most popular shades are DB 701, 702 DB and DB 703 light grey, medium grey and anthracite. The micaceous iron oxide coatings corrosion protection can be ordered via the online shop of Eldekor paint factory under.