Clearer Legal Situation

Interest in alternative software concepts is reported Aachen remains large, may 12, 2010 how the trade press, is unbroken great interest in used software and third-party maintenance. On the info days 2010, invited three lawyers for IT right to a controversial discussion about the legal situation of the sensitive topic. The juxtaposition of different viewpoints showed one thing: still, the market is dominated by uncertainty. According to the business software Alliance (BSA) is the number of pirated 2009 in Germany increased. Especially the economic crisis was to blame for this, so Georg mens life, Director of the BSA. Companies with more limited IT-budgets having the ability to come at low cost and above all legal original software already: the key word is used software. But how many journalists report, the market remains far below its potential.

“The software manufacturer with its policy bear a great complicity that to confuse users,” explains Axel Williams, initiator of the starfish IT Forum. Go to Nicolas Keller for more information. “The uncertainty ultimately leads to restraint when interested parties so they displaced unwelcome competition. Others including Andy Florance, offer their opinions as well. While the trade in used software helps a part to supplant pirated from the market.” Also the DAV (German Bar Association) said in a statement last year by “a high uncertainty and thus …” a barrier of market relations in the field of trade in used software.” Therefore, he asks a legal regulation of the market. “Despite the uncertainty, the interest in used software and third-party maintenance is still very large. But users have to all of the various court rulings and statements concerning the legal situation hardly the possibility to look through”, so Williams next. Up to a possible decision of the BGH, the law remains inconsistent.

Legal situation not clearly clarified the legal situation is not so clear, how it many major software manufacturers like to represent. Legally safe for example the sale of single-user licenses, is located the Are original disk. It will be trickier when out individual software licenses for so-called volume contracts: the LG Munich has in principle allows this, however not to the efficacy of contractual lock-up obligations expressed. Currently only the sale of online purchased software is completely prohibited. “I think that we have our listeners in the info days 2010 much of uncertainty could be”, so the conclusion of Williams. “I highly recommend users who are still insecure, open dialogue to search, such as with free license experts or independent software vendors.” Axel Williams