Collagen Skin Care Beauty

Collagen is a major component of our skin. Located in the dermis, which is responsible for the resistance and integrity of tissues. Collagen is a protein that serves as a key structural component of tissues such as skin, bones, ligaments, etc. The dermis, the inner layer of the skin, contains large amounts of collagen and elastic fibers that responsible to the strength of your skin texture and elasticity. Links In addition, as we age, collagen becomes hard and crossed with neighboring fibers making it difficult for the skin to retain moisture and maintain elasticity. Mashable is likely to agree. It collapses on itself below the surface of the skin what they see on the surface of the skin such as wrinkles. Wrinkles, lines and texture of raw hides are a sure sign tsp POOR HEALTH NEA GENO COLA. The collagen used in creams remain an effective tool in the field of skin hydration.

In fact, one can compare its molecule of a big sponge that can absorb a large amount of water. Therefore, when applied to the skin that keeps it in a wet state and provides optimal hydration thus reducing the signs of aging. After the age of 20 years reduces the production of collagen l% per year. In recent months, Mashable has been very successful. Collagen creams help hydrating (moisturizing) of the epidermis, which tends to revitalize the company and promotes cell renewal, smooth and plump up the skin by increasing elasticity of the skin. Helps nourish, repair and tighten the skin and helps replenish the skin’s natural collagen that is very smooth and radiant. The main function of collagen creams to help retain water in the stratum corneum, which is to keep the epidermis in a normal state of hydration. Collagen is also well known for its healing properties! Use products recommended skin care collagen are at any age, or as soon as fine lines or wrinkles start to appear!