Faiga Ostrower

According to Faiga Ostrower (1983) the creative nature of the man … if elaborates in the cultural context. All individual if develops and a social reality, in whose cultural necessities and valuations if they mold the proper values of the life. In the individual they are collated, so to speak, two polar regions of one same relation: its creativity that represents the potentialities of an only being, and its creation that will be the accomplishment of these potentialities already inside of the picture of determined culture. Thus, one of the basic ideas of the present book is to consider the creative processes in the interconnection of the two levels of existence human being: the individual level and the cultural level. (OSTROWER, 1983).

The knowledge and the technology dialogue and provide to the pupils, professors and community chances of reflection and new knowledge. When recognizing the communicative system inside of the school, in its environment, is taken in consideration that the formal education thinks about the communication. From then on, radio WEB starts to be decisive in the creation of bonds and the pertaining to school learning. It is through the WEB, a virtual space that if presents, making with that if it thinks of abstract form, the principle, making possible the aflorao of the creativity in the half pertaining to school, that the construction process if presents only dialtico e. Radio WEB contributes for a more dynamic formation and total brought up to date, intermediated in a constructive process, managing participativo with all the involved ones, pupils, professors and community. The school starts to be a mediating, reflective polar region, that it motivates and it becomes possible the expression. Continuing The use of the new technologies for the school and the professor in a pedagogical activity demands a work and preparation differentiated of what of custom, therefore the teach-learning strategies need to take care of to the demands of the education citizen of a new conscience of the society.