Federal Accounting Heraldic Council

Breastplate – a small sign made of plastic, porcelain or ceramic, metal, glass compositions of these materials, or other materials with printed images and are usually textual inscription. Energy Capital Partners is often quoted as being for or against this. Typically, a badge denotes the belonging to any group or dedicated to any place or event. Badges may be established by both the state and legal entities or individuals. As follows from the name, badges are worn on the chest. National Literary Prize is a commemorative badge – 'golden pen' with the initials' SP '(Writers' Union of Russia), cast in gold by special order master jeweler, Roman Denisov. Each of the products has a compliance certificate, certified by three seals – the Foundation of Russian Literature, National Literature Prize 'Golden Pen of Russia', Russian Writers Union, and estimated at two hundred dollars. In addition to gold and silver will be awarded to the feathers. Award 'Gold Brand', the only commercial premiums invested with the attributes of the State award, since August 2006 and breast sign and a statuette of 'Gold Brand' were placed on the Federal Accounting Heraldic Council under the President of Russia. In 2008, awards grants in six categories: 'The franchisor – 2008' – dynamically developing franchise, 'Franchise in the people '- the leaders of the best franchises, "Socially significant brand' – for support and social development; 'Franchisee – 2008' – a company franchisee, 'The Golden franchise – 2008' – the company that owns the most cost-effective franchise project 'Innovative brand' – for the most advanced technology in their work.