Flying Kinect

Company site 1UP has collected the most interesting use of Kinect, who managed to come up with a total of programmers of the world. Most of them you've seen on the pages of our news RSS feeds. However, a couple of Unique designs moved away from our attention. So, imagine you Kinect-helicopter! This flying machine has 4 vintushki and controlled by a computer in auto mode. It scans the surrounding area and see the obstacles that helps her to avoid collisions.

We can clearly see how the computer sees c / o Kinect the surrounding area, finding the most intimate terms. In the end, roller operator repeatedly put on the road barrier device, and the obediently stops. However, it is time to descend from heaven to earth. Here we expect a toy car – unlike a helicopter, which carried shortchanging action on a remote computer, the machine completely autonomous. Idea is not new for such a device we already mentioned. However, this specimen was much faster. Cheerfully toured the room, he finds the door …

and hiding in an unknown direction. Probably went to establish contact with brothers-in-mind. Do you think that only fans can make Kinect all sorts of interesting devices? It is not. Hosts Iphone is also quite creative. For example, all notorious problem: you want something from the fridge but go to him do not want to. Many writers such as Dr. John Holtsclaw offer more in-depth analysis. How to find out? Someone will get married, but this method of delivering content from the refrigerator unreliable and not modern. The solution was found: a gun-fridge! Before fire required, select the type of content, and to visit with built-in webcam, the image is transferred to the Iphone. The tube 15, the sight of 120, Pif, paf! And the object of the refrigerator flies you right in your hand. Or in the head. It really depends on the Excellence guidance.