How to Brush with Braces

Everything you need to know about orthodontics. Technique of brushing with braces images show only tilt that should have the brush with respect to brackets. Remember to clean very well the posterior sector with the same inclination. As well as the faces that bite foods, and the face that is in contact with the language. Brushing dental & brackets you are the best friend of your smile teeth with braces need special care you and your orthodontist are now a team. The same thing both of you want a beautiful smile with teeth healthy, white and rights. Your orthodontist will straighten your teeth, but you’re the only one who can keep them healthy and white.

You know that this means total hygiene. Now that you’ve been brackets a proper brushing will take a little more time and effort. When your braces are removed, your you want your teeth to see the best, then begins now to be the best friend of your smile. Always remember this rule during brushing, until your teeth are sparkling clean: 1 – brush rinse notes in the MIRROR 2 – brush rinse observes in the mirror 3 – so on until you have no plate or food the plaque is the problem plaque is a sticky white substance that sticks to your teeth. It is made by bacteria, food and saliva. If the plate is left in your teeth and around your braces, it can cause inflammation of the gums with a consequent bleeding, bad breath, permanent marks on your teeth and tooth decay.

The plate also can discolor your teeth and yellow to become. Don’t let any of these things happen. Is the best friend of your smile often and above all appropriately cepillandola.(Approx 5 to 7 times a day, taking apparatus) As and when brushing me you must use the type of brush and the technique that your orthodontist you recommended.