Jonathan Buttmann

We look at the number of 9873 when speaking, so we conclude that the first digit initial in the next two medial and final emphasizes spoken the last digit. Certainly the introduction of means a lot of overhead for the programmer a third kind of emphasis, however, the result speaks for itself. Another way to play natural numbers and numeric digits is the use of number pairs in the audio output. The Recordingaufwand is increasing although, because instead of 20 digits (10 initial and final 10) 200 digits must be recorded. But here, too, the result is significantly natural. Special attention should be paid on the right timing and emphasis on the audio files concatenated to.

A real challenge just for the recording in the recording studio with the voice talent. Just really good speakers are usually able to meet this high demand. It requires equally to emphasize hundreds of audio data much discipline and skills – without fluctuations in mood and without loss of timing. But it goes! But still not enough. Especially in the Editingprozess (cutting and editing) of the audio files observe, how to match the individual audio files with each other. Because a good emphasis and a clean recording create still not natural-sounding record.

Grade, the judicious use of breaks in the Editingprozess first creates a natural sentence melody. Conclusion to create a natural-sounding conversation partner is currently still a challenge in my opinion, but not insurmountable. Dialog designer, programmer and recording studio must work together simply early trades across in the end of the project, conceptual to set as the highest naturalness in the audio output is to realize. Christian Schneider sound designer and multimedia producer, dynamic audio sound designer and multimedia producer Christian Schneider is a co-founder of dynamic audio – the full service specialists for audio production in the multimedia area. Together with the project manager and audio engineer Jonathan Buttmann they form the core team of the company. The team is supported by a wide range of free speakers, Sound designers, copywriters, concept developers and linguists. dynamic audio features a professionally equipped recording studio, a large Soundlibary as well as a large pool of multilingual speaker.