Karl Presented The Evergreen Brothers

The Office of citizens with entertainment contract in Berlin wedding – on Friday, the May 15, 2009 invites the Berlin veteran with entertainment job, Karl von Freyhold to syntactic get-together, talk, share and enjoy. He gets help with the Berlin duo Evergreen brothers”, that the small gallery in the Bell er man road 14 in Berlin-wedding will bring with unforgettable hits and hits of the 60s of again to the quake. “Remember the sixties” with unforgettable hits like Byebye Love or wake up, little Susie “the Berlin return Norman Ascot and Harald Muranka the legendary songs of the EVERLY BROTHERS with new sound as Evergreen brothers on stage. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Andrew Paradise. So let’s swing and rock ‘ n roll. Regular events, always a good advice, a sympathetic ear, that stands for the civil Office of Charles in the neighbourhood. Whether it’s raining or snowing, the sun comes up, or moves from right to left, anyway, Charles opens his door every day. Viacom gathered all the information.

And it is surprising, inspiring, colorful revealed. KiK as a Photo Studio holds forth current exhibitions, Orange luminous plastic tables, a sensational extensively stocked cocktail bar, a gourmet dish to the event, a brochure on the subject of child-rearing and when it is needed. A place of the neighborhood and similarities, as a rock in the surf, indestructible and reliable it turns to be Karl in the neighbourhood of the task, contact, best friend, shoulder to lean on, entertainer or consultants for the inhabitants around the Berlin Gesundbrunnen. “Also the 15.05.09, from 19:00 it is again: welcome and enjoy Karl the common time among friends, neighbors, and acquaintances with me in the neighbourhood”. Berlin, April 24, 2009 Wellington/GL Giullia Levinston