Medicinal Products

Discussion about the alleged miracle cream Regividerm keeps to the supposed \”miracle cream\” Regividerm makes headlines. In addition to medical, there are also legal questions, should but the cream for the treatment of the Atopic Dermatitis after media reports rather than zulassungspflichtiges drugs, but \”only\” as a medical product is marketed. Right? Medicinal products and medical devices differ in their mode of action: while drug pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effect, this is not the case with medical products just. Medical devices develop their effect rather in other, mostly physical way. To clarify would therefore, in the event of a dispute, whether Regividerm pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects. The skin eczema treatment caused by an overproduction of cytokines and no.. According to the publicly known manufacturer that should in the ointment contained vitamin B12 that neutralize unnecessary No. For more specific information, check out Pete Cashmore.

and thus inhibit the formation of lesions / cirulation. Well, as one is questionable is to categorize such action. Mainly a pharmacological effect into account would probably, so one that results in between medium and organism interact. More interaction would will take place between the molecules of the active substance and a so-called receptor, i.e. a body part of the cell, which caused a direct impact or is blocked the effect of another substance. Here \”the vitamins grab\” the excess parts of NO production well. The production of NOs itself is almost completed, can also no longer be influenced. However, the process of production of NOs is alone probably not yet complete.

He is continued and visible to the outside may only contact the NOs with the body components behind where the changes occur, so mostly skin tissue. The effect of the cream could be understood now, vitamins to intervene before the excess NOs with the skin cells in contact the NOs neutralize and thus block its effect. On the basis of the previous pronouncements to Regividerm therefore a pharmacological effect of the cream can not foreclose, what would then be a legal tension between for sale as a medical product.