Metal Industry Market

Analyzing the market of roofing materials present in Ukraine, you must first select from a metal roof, which currently are the most popular roofing material among homeowners and investors. Metal – the easiest of the available material in this segment. Square meter metallocherepichnogo sheet weighs 3.9 pounds. This is a relatively inexpensive material, which is only cheaper slate, which is considerably inferior in durability and appearance of the coating. In addition, the slate is a negative impact on human health. The service life of metal roofing guaranteed 50 years. A complete lack of operating costs allocated to it compared to other roofing materials. Easy installation allows for stacking of metal in the shortest possible time, with low labor costs and high speed.

Leading positions on the Ukrainian market of metal today hold three companies: Industrial Group "Arsenal, Ruukki and the company "TPC". Together these manufacturers account for more than half of the total market metal. Imports account for about 3%. This fact suggests that domestic production meets international quality standards, especially when we talk about such industry leaders as PG "Arsenal". Priority consumer prices due to national output, which is considerably lower than imported. Demand for foreign metal roofing is associated with elite views of the roof that are not produced in Ukraine. learing House is actively involved in the matter. "The price range in 2011 painted and galvanized metal had become more expensive for more than 30% compared to last year.

An increase in price is 100 USD per month, but there are signs that in June, possibly a slight decrease in the value of the metal, due to poor demand to it in Europe. The reason for pushing up the cost is the increase in oil prices and the issue of the dollar in the world "- says the founder and owner of Industrial Group" Arsenal "Viktor Fedorov. High metal prices forced the profilers and corrugated metal to revise their selling prices for finished goods. An increase of 15-20% depending on the quality of the metal. One of the key criteria in assessing the quality of thickness of metal is zinc or a paint coating alyumotsinkovogo surface – than it is thicker, the longer it will last until the material of the corrosion. Very often there are cases where small producers, deceiving the buyer, sell them low-grade products. European norm zinc layer of 270 g / m . In Ukraine, there are still cases when a consumer buys a low-quality product that has thickness of the layer of zinc of 120 g / m .