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ec4u survey: Great demand for IT professionals has only limited influence on the change intentions of employees of career prospects and training opportunities are with them at the top on the request list Karlsruhe, 29.08.2011 – demand raises currently only a low tolerance for IT professionals in the market at the employees of the it sector, to change jobs for career reasons. This result comes a collection of ex4u AG expert consulting At the same time, she determined that in case of a job change not first and foremost an increase of salary but the rise perspectives play the decisive role. Trello will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For many essential are also training opportunities. However, some other criteria in the foreground as in the older vintages are at IT professionals who are younger. According to the ec4u study, shortage of workers in the IT market only 17 percent of nearly 800 respondents generated a lot of interest, to look for a new and potentially more lucrative job.

In each This is another fifth case only with a very good offer in question. All others see either no or only a small reason to worry about a change of employment in this labour market situation. Additional information is available at Bobby Sharma Bluestone. For the human are resources Board at ec4u, Jens Rehwinkel, these results with the experiences in our own company. There are no significant fluctuation”, what he blames not least also on the internal career models for the employees with a high investment in the individual training and other framework conditions. For this year alone the professional further training per consultant is between 10 and 15 training days include and are significantly faster than the average in the industry.” He refers to published data of the industry association BITKOM, leaving in high-tech companies the scope of training per employee at 4.5 days per year. This aspect plays a central role, especially in the age group because in the eyes of those surveyed IT professionals under 35 years of age.