Cellulite is a condition related to female hormones (why is making more critical during puberty, pregnancy and menopause) and with circulation. sta manifests itself by a localized accumulation of grease and liquid (usually on the thighs, hips and arms) which is not easy to eradicate. Therefore it is necessary to follow a series of steps, which are described below, to help prevent its increase or may even achieve its reduction. (-Not use tight clothes (such as jeans)) or elastic bands. Prefer loose clothing and natural fabrics let the skin transpire. Either, you should cross, being seated, legs, since all this hinders circulation adequate blood which leads to the appearance of cellulite on the thighs and hip areas. – & nbsp; Take care of the power supply. The energy (calorie) intake should not be higher than the one you need.

Therefore, you must take into account the following: or reduce fats saturated to a minimum (avoid butter, sausages, etc.) and prefer white meats (chicken without skin or fish) roasted or grilled. or prepare foods low in salt (preferably exclude it altogether) to prevent the retention of liquids and, instead, should be seasoning with garlic, onions, parsley, lemon juice and other aromatic herbs. Similarly, you should eat bananas and bananas for potassium. or eat vegetables, vegetables and foods rich in iron (lentils, watercress, etc), since the lack of this favors the appearance of cellulite and much more difficult its removal. or eat whole grain products (rice, pasta, cereals) that absorb and eliminate toxins.

or avoid eating simple sweets, fast absorption (cakes, chocolate, biscuits, honey, etc.).which should be replaced by lemons, pineapples, strawberries, grapefruit or oranges (not more than two pieces of fruit a day). All these fruits are low in calories and excellent diuretic properties which is ideal not only to combat the skin of Orange until constipation or milk must be taken in moderation, since it contains sugars of rapid absorption. He is advised to take dairy shaped skimmed or low-fat to ensure the intake of calcium. -Drink daily book and a half of water. Do not take similar sodas or drinks. -As for the exercises, it is advisable to walk, ride a bike, or do jogging, at least 30 minutes a day and lower and taking the stairs whenever possible instead of using elevators. Don’t forget that dancing is also a good exercise. If his work forces him to stay much time sitting or standing, try to counteract its effects walking around his post every 60 minutes and turning, in circulatory manner, their ankles – addition, is recommended to acquire a seaweed or firming and massaging with her cream-shaped circular areas affected. You can even develop a homemade cream anti-cellulite follows: mask anti-cellulite clay ingredients glove water paper glass clay preparation are mixed all the ingredients in a jar use rub area with cellulite with lukewarm water and horsehair glove. Skin is a bit dry and the clay is applied directly over the area which had received massage. Finally, it must be plugged with glass paper. It is recommended that the massages are repeated daily. is comprised of a team of experts in beauty.