Joie De Vivre With Tradition – NICI Toy

An idea to have a friend at night for the child, created a long dark night at the domestic hearth and there, also the first NICI toys were produced. An idea to have a friend at night for the child, created a long dark night at the domestic hearth and there, also the first NICI toys were produced. Gradually more and more customers found this hand made toys and the once small home workshop, the large company NICI, which is in the interaction of employees and products such as a large family was founded. From the original idea of plush animals, little friends for small children, who have a history, they found their figure on other products, so that some characters have arisen whole production lines. Today not only the small fans of NICI, no the growing range of products has awakened the collecting passion of the great. Each article is the lifeblood and the idea of the company’s own developers and designers. The goal, children to the laugh to bring, has as a basic idea in philosophy manifests.

Whether as a Cup, bag or other product can a family member by NICI us always and everywhere meet and accompany. By the same author: Pete Cashmore. For you, for him, for BBs child everyone will find something he wants to give a place in his heart. Children all ages (0-99) are excited by NICI toys and accessories. From crush love love passion is so one could describe the development path of a NICI fan, where one finds differences among them. There are those who want to have something of everything and must, and the fans who want to fall in love only in a special family member and take but then every article of this series owned.

Mother Child Treatments Should Be Applied For Now

Occasionally have vacancies during the holiday season: Freiburg, 29.04.2011: when mothers do not “work”, it is often tightly in everyday family life. But not always women can perform their tasks in family, professional, social environment and other areas of life so perfectly, as they like to like it: exhaustion, physical problems or psychological stress to add them. The battery is suddenly how empty burned. The Kur Reha GmbH offers the opportunity to recover from the family and professional stresses in special clinics and to do something for your health over several weeks across under the professional guidance and to recharge again mothers therefore with their mother child treatments. To placing their offspring must not worry they doing, because the children can accompany their mothers. “Typically children are recorded between one and 12 years (on request also older). There are also clinics that are furnished to children under one year”, explains Melcher Franck, Managing Director of Kur Reha GmbH. Applying for a mother-child cure for this year should be but soon.

Because most clinics currently – even in the coveted holiday season still have vacancies. In accordance with the clinical picture, mothers can choose therefore still free from the facilities available. Receive support when applying for a mother-child treatment mothers the freephone number 0800 / 2 23 23 73. expert consultants available for all questions around the mother-child treatment available and provide on request in appropriate facilities or help for the application. The “Mother-child treatment” service phone is occupied, from Monday to Friday during the period from 8: 00 to 16:30 with experts. See also online at interested “family managers”.

The mother child cures are open of course fathers in a similar form, supported by the statutory health insurance. Parents need only a statutory equity carry in only 10 euros per day. Children under 18 years are even exempt from this charge. By the way: The mother or the father in advance from further co-payments from the health insurance fund may be exempted in additional to the limit, which is usually one to two percent of gross income. Press contact: Spa + Reha GmbH Eggstrasse 8 79117 Freiburg i. br. Kerstin Fischer Tel.: 0761 / 4 53 90-22 E-Mail: