Express Oil Change – a modern method of oil change does not require the presence of the lift pit and unscrewing the drain plug. With this technology by thorough cleaning of the engine from the old oil. Express change oil in car engine should be carried out regularly every 8-10 thousand miles. Otherwise, the increased wear and premature failure of all active parts of the engine. Durability and reliability motor vehicle, environmental performance and its capacity is directly dependent on the purity of motor oil. There are two types of pollution engine, as organic and inorganic.

Organic pollution engine formed during combustion, as well as polymerization, oxidation, oil and fuel. Besides worsening reactions occur when connecting to water and sulfur. Inorganic pollution of the engine – it is a particle on the mechanical wear and tear, technological pollution, which appear in the repair and manufacture of the engine. Due to the fact that the oil pollution in diesel cars are faster than gasoline engines, manufacturers began to produce diesel fuel with a special additive package. With the help of modern equipment, which can be under pressure to suck the oil from the engine of the car in just a minute oil change takes only 15-20 minutes. Then there is a replacement oil filter and filled with new oil. Express Oil Change can occur in cases where no normal oil change is possible, for example if the drain plug can not be removed. If you would like to know more about neil cole iconix, then click here. Therefore, it is universal, is the fastest method for an oil change. If the owner wants to wash a car wash motor oil for more efficiency in the service station at the request of any will. The cost of this service varies everywhere in different ways, some even express Autotechcenter perform an oil change for free, the driver only pays for the oil.

The Use Of Tactile Matte Finish Soft-Touch In Automotive

Over the years, plastics have been successfully used in the manufacture of automotive vehicles, the amount of plastics in the car continues to increase. Of them produce a body, parlors, some engine components. As a consequence – reducing vehicle weight. Besides the obvious advantages, plastic and provide other benefits: provide opportunities for design development, improve the aerodynamic properties thanks to appropriate casting, as well as increase energy absorption in case of accidents. For greater comfort in the passenger compartment, plastic parts must be painted, covered with foil or tekstilem.Pokrytie Soft-touch is of great interest to car manufacturers, because it has a number of properties that are very important for the automotive industry. One of the novelties have appeared on the market of paints and varnishes used in the automotive industry – a tactile surface with the effect of soft-touch (soft-touch is translated from English – the "soft touch", "soft touch"). 1.Taktilnoe perception. Coverage soft-touch is applied to the steering wheel, armrests, door handles, the handle switch gear that allows you to ride in the car more enjoyable.

2. Decorative (visual) effects. Matt soft-touch gives the car elegance and solidity. 3. Matte finish. Thanks to the matte finish does not appear glare of the sun, it does not reflect light. 4. Coverage soft-touch – shumopoglaschayuschee coverage.

The coating can be applied to various plastic elements of the car, and will absorb the noise coming from the engine to the wheels, the clatter of plastic (especially important for vehicles of Russian brands). 5. Prevents the emission of solvents. Everyone knows that plastic in your car "Smells." This is due to the release (emission) of solvents used in its production and not completely volatilised. Coverage soft-touch not pass easily volatile solvents, that is, their recovery will not be directed into the car. 6. Increased impact resistance. This coating increases the momentum, thus reducing its strength. 7. Increased durability. Increasing duration of preservation of the material. 8. Anti-slip Coverage soft-touch prevents slipping of hands on the steering wheel or handle gearbox. 9. Chemical resistance. It is very important that the coating is soft-touch tolerated, to many solvents, various creams and lotions for the hands. But this paint is interesting not only for car manufacturers. Due to the above qualities, it is used for painting plastic parts of various electronics (computers, laptops, smart phones, mobile phones, "mice", keyboards and other), household appliances (vacuum cleaners), furniture fittings (door handles, wall switch), and besides the high protective properties makes them an excellent exquisite vid.Ochen important its area of application is the printing industry for people with impaired vision, for which the sense of touch plays a significant role in life, such as printing text in Braille, the development of commodity labels tactile effect.