Whip. This stitch is used to obmetyvaniya ornaments, embroidered with a cross, as well as the connection. Whip is the same seam "retyaz" only "retyaz" doing the same color. Colorful "retyazyu" embroider "How many needles, depending on the color set. Passing through some of the flowers from the inside, reading of spend under stitches. Columnar joint.

It is used for embroidery of the stem of the flower and grass in the ornament. Implementation of the joint like stalk implementation of joint "back with a needle." The fabric moves with embroidery from the bottom up, with a seam running from top to bottom, ie, to themselves. Thread and fasten a straight line – from top to bottom – in 3 threads the needle to recruit the following three threads duck. Pulling needle (working all the time string is on the left side) and then we collect it the following 3 threads. Needle put out at the end of the previous stitch.

On the front side are formed stitches, twice larger than the inside out. Oblique cross. This is an ordinary cross, which is one of the most common in modern Ukrainian folk embroidery exact enumeration techniques. Skew it. called because the stitches lie on a diagonal weave. If embroidery is necessary to overlap the upper stitch lay to one side (the left hand). Thread a needle anchoring and display on the front side; reckon 2 lines horizontally, going from left to right, and two vertical threads down, typing them on the needle. Working pulling a thread and make a stitch from right to left. The stitches can embroider, first in one direction and then cover them in reverse. The beauty of embroidery depends on the accuracy and the stacking order top stitches. Loose cross (polukrestik). It is used for decoration of children's clothing, as well as can be pokraynitsey for ornament. Perform his equal in magnitude stitches diagonally in both directions. It can be perform the horizontal and vertical directions. Direct cross. Used as an ornamental element of embroidery. Direct cross embroidered in the western regions of Ukraine. He embroidered as a cross and oblique, but crosses the vertical and horizontal stitches uniform in size. Double cross. Used as an ornamental element of embroidery. It is also called Bulgarian cross. First the oblique cross, and then it crisscross the right cross. Embroidery stitch these pillows, etc.