Pirmasenser Photo Days

More renowned national and international top photographers decide to participate in the photo event from 10 to 26 June 2011 * access to high-quality photo art of different genres for professionals and also interested laymen to 25 publicly accessible locations of Pirmasens, January 12, 2011. Swarmed by offers, App Store is currently assessing future choices. Exactly according to plan, the preparations for the 2011 Pirmasenser Photo Festival fashion: for the event from June 10 to 26 35 of the targeted 70 photographers have already confirmed, including also the five participants from Romania and Poland. You all will be presenting a selection of her paintings on the occasion of the third edition of the photo events and this in various public places. So their rooms for the photographic art in addition to the Rheinberger building, in which an image selection of all participating artists will be seen, including the Town Hall, various offices, banks and shops as well as catering establishments to provide, currently it scattered 25 locations across the city. The range of genres ranges to spectacular pictures from the underwater photography among other things by the event photography around Theatre, concert and cinema of staged photography of people and nature. Newly added to the Group of consistently renowned photographers, will exhibit their high-quality and award-winning art in Pirmasens is among others Frank Melech, creating always new, unknown worlds by using special techniques in his digital works.

In addition, a distinct, unique imagery features photos from Sylwia Makris, while George Portz as dedicated light artist of especially of erotic portrait photography is dedicated to. Just five months before the start of the event we are excellent in the plan with the Pirmasenser photo days, both what is the locations as well as at the increasing number of participating photographers. Are particularly pleased that we have now firm commitments by professionals not only from Germany, but also from Poland and Romania will show the parts of their works at various places in the city and also Here we await you again with some but quite unusual locations, they would call at first sight not directly as a place of exhibition of photographic art”, comments Harald Kroher, the artistic director of the photo days. The different genres, in which the photographer show a cross-section of their work will inspire not only professionals, but also the many laymen and occasional visitors with its diversity.

Illuminated Speicherstadt Fascinated

Celebration of light art Speicherstadt e.V. After sunset is the world’s largest historical warehouse complex, the Hamburger Speicherstadt, a special handwriting. Light artist Michael Batz is the brick architecture in soft light shine. Formerly dark customs abroad is the illuminated Speicherstadt symbol of Hanseatic merchant power today. Driving force behind the artistic illumination of the unique neighbourhood is the Club light art warehouse district, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on September 28.

With it numerous decision-makers from politics, culture and economy. The light art project in public space combines art with the architecture of the district. In the Speicherstadt illumination, the light becomes a part of the buildings, light and dark accentuate perspectives, lift the architecture in an appropriate brightness. Now, 1,000 spotlights illuminate fleet bridge and masonry, Gables and Bay, bringing winds hoods. The light artist speaks of the triumph of the weak light”, in which it to the compatibility of aesthetics, environmental compatibility and economy goes.

Sustainability is us a very major concern”, so Batz. The power for the entire storage city illumination is equivalent to the urban lighting of the brooktorkai Quay Street.” First modern LED light technology for traditional water Castle “at an anniversary ceremony with numerous decision-makers from politics, economy and culture was presented the latest project of the Association on September 28. With the latest LED technology by Philips the so-called surge is”in the midst of the Speicherstadt illuminated. A LED lighting concept for a historic building that is completely new in this form”, Batz on the barge trip explained to the guests. In time on the anniversary of the Association, Philips provides an implementation solution based on LED technology. LEDs are”highly energy efficient and much more durable than conventional lighting, Philips communications Chief Klaus Petri added the cooperation with the light-art Association. And It can be used quite specifically there, where the light is needed to achieve the desired effect without irradiate everything just with light. The entire illumination of the water Castle has electricity costs by less than 40 cents per hour.” Only since recently LEDs are technologically so far to create a pleasant, warm light and brightness required for such projects.