Beautiful Smiles

Tourists from the UK can save up to 70% for crowns, dentures and implants. In Britain one implant costs an average of 3500 – 5000 Euro, while Hungary can be found at the implant 871 – 1209 euros. And of course this is one of the most important reasons why more and more Britons are solved on a trip to Hungary. According to the British weekly The Sunday Times more than 25 000 Britons prefer dental treatment in Hungary, not only because of more favorable prices, but also because of excellent quality .. Please visit Samsung if you seek more information. And the fact that it is possible to get acquainted with the capital of Hungary – as it were, an additional positive effect of visiting the dentist, which for most people associate with something unpleasant. Very often clinics offer a visit to the opera, bus tours of the city, wellness programs and even interesting ethnographic tour of the country.

"When guests arrive at the airport, they no longer need to worry about anything. A taxi from the Clinic will take them to the hotel or directly to the clinic. They can call the clinic at the Hungarian representative number at any time, even if they are lost in the city. " 70% of clients of clinics – are foreigners. Such a concept is very popular and more and more Germans, Frenchmen and Italians arrive in Hungary through the dental tourism. Many foreigners living in Hungary, also talk about this opportunity to friends and acquaintances, and those too come to Hungary to tidy up your teeth while on vacation. No mass production. Now the Austrian patients who have long come to the border town of Sopron, prefer to come to Budapest.

For example, Suzanne Pishler from the Steiermark in Austria, says: "Like most people, I'm terribly afraid of dental visits. In Austria, visiting the dentist – it is something faceless, I feel complete indifference to him. And in Hungary it is not – talk to me, asking my opinion and I feel that I really do. " The big advantage is that all the research done at once and in one place. At this time, Suzanne moved to the procedure cosmetic teeth whitening. "And while I am still and I'll go on view in the famous Budapest Opera" – happy rukovoditelnitsa project from Austria.