Experience the culinary delights! Since that famous Cookbook el libre de sent Sovi “, is gone from the early 1300’s, in Europe in printing, is one of the Catalan kitchen, becoming an important part of the culture in this region of Spain.” Originated from a Royal tradition, as were the nobles and Lords great chefs, continues this tradition in the thriving culinary scene of Barcelona. A number of renowned chef make great strides to get the culinary tradition. In a region of the Earth, where the inhabitants prefer it as holy”to eat, the Catalan cuisine is termed the understandably biggest culinary mystery Europe. The best place to discover this secret is located in Barcelona’s Centre. If you stay in Barcelona Centre, there are first-class restaurants. Book online on the website of Barcelona point and find a cheap Barcelona hotel. This culinary treasure allows visitors, excellent traditional Recipes and some of the Alder Estonians and magnificent dishes of Europe to enjoy.

While you spend the holiday in Barcelona, visitors will find Barcelona, the Catalan cuisine is influenced by several factors. Neighbouring countries, as well as other Mediterranean areas, give their unique blend of kitchen. The close proximity of the water ensures a good supply of seafood. Fruit and vegetables thrive magnificently between the mountains and the sea. The Catalan cuisine is Mediterranean, clearly, one notices in their use of vegetables, fish and meat. Olive oil is commonly used in the preparation. Most courts are served wine and bread.

In Catalan cuisine are spices how to use cinnamon and saffron, and herbs such as thyme and parsley. The cuisine is typical for the Catalan gastronomy, includes soups and stews. Escudella “is a soup consisting of chickpeas or white beans, veal and vegetables such as cabbage, onions, and carrots. e information. Pasta can also the soup to be added. Susquet de Peix “is regarded as a fisherman’s stew and consists of various species of fish, including cliffs perch, redfish, sea bass, halibut and gold perch, as well as lobster and large prawns. It is mixed with potatoes, garlic and tomatoes. Traditional Catalan dishes like xato”are very popular. This dish consists of Endive salad, tuna, black olives, anchovies, olives and cod. A sauce made from chilli, garlic, roasted almonds, vinegar, olive oil and salt, ensures the correct taste. PA amb tomaquet “is a slice of bread topped with tomatoes, olive oil and salt. Coca de recapte “should also miss on any list of culinary delights. The Court is similar to Italian pizza. Cocoa de garlanda “most closely resembles a donut. Many desserts rotate during the calendar year, so to celebrate Christmas with Nougat and waffles, Easter cakes and all Saints with little marzipan cake. Enjoy the Catalan cuisine and stay in comfortable accommodation in Barcelona. There are great hotels in Barcelona and Barcelona apartments. Perfect Sun travel S.L..