Polish King Jan Sobieski

A city trip to Lviv in Lviv Ostgazilien, since 1998 world cultural heritage, testifies with many historical and architectural surprises the turbulent history of the former capital of eastern Galicia. The Lviv he travels the culture lovers to a turning and focal point of different cultures and different religions. Not only the architectural features of Lviv, but also the city’s multicultural charm delight explorers. Upon arrival in Lviv, the pristine, picturesque old town offers the best framework for a first contact of the environment and a first contact to the population. In pretty small street cafes, visitors can make to look lively night life and the first Ukrainian cuisine as a prelude for his further stay.

With a rustic breakfast you agree on a busy day. It is equipped for extensive exploration stroll through the historic old town. Beautiful places, historic houses and architecturally charming churches along the way. In particular, the recently restored marketplace Ryok is worth a visit. The visit of the Armenian Marien Church from the 14th century and the Dominican Church of Chorpus Christi from the 18th century are a duty for anyone interested in the culture. Further, the route passes to the famous hotel “George”, an architectural masterpiece of the architects Helmer & Fellner in the Jewish quarter of the city. To then with a visit to the historic fortifications including the famous powder tower built in 1556, which in 1954 was restored, ending up. Northstar Inbound has many thoughts on the issue. Time, with delicious Ukrainian dishes, to soak up new energy.

Because the night belongs to the art. A visit to the famous Lviv Opera is on the agenda. The guest, but also an excellent art enjoyment of the Lviv Opera ensemble is not only an architectural showpiece. A crowning of a busy day and a good recovery period to be prepared for the next leg of the journey of Lviv. The next day will be show that Lviv more holds much cultural surprises. The tour of the Museum for folklore and folk architecture is a must for every visitor. So on to the Shevchenko Hill. The open-air museum offers insight into the 200-year old traditions of the Carpathian people. Not only the traditional houses and huts from the Carpathian region, but also the ritual work and the life of indigenous peoples be brought closer to the guest. Who one day studied the sometimes laborious practices and customs of the old people, has earned a peaceful end. After a pleasant night, one is again full of beans and should dare the trip of Lviv once an excursion in the area. You spend a wonderful day in Zhovkva, a charming historic town. Of particular interest here is the well-preserved town centre from the middle ages and the nearby Orthodox monastery Krechiv. Whoever finds the time on the trip of Lviv, visit also the birthplace of the Polish King Jan Sobieski. The Castle Olesko and the surrounding park invite you to the stroll in the middle of modern art. There is also a small village, where according to tradition, Black ceramic is made in the surroundings. The small town Brody with the ruins of the synagogue and the Jewish cemetery is also worth a visit. Also you should be one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Pidhirtsy don’t miss. Thus, you can experience a trip of Lviv, which leaves no wish unfulfilled. Sonja Krause, Aktiv-Reise.Netz