Renault Megane

Renault has launched a new website called Very Good Trip and back of this name so evocative and attractive for lovers of cars, we may find that a good trip is not anything other than a contest to win a Renault Megane. You can actually win two cars, or a Renault Megane or a Renault Wind, that this preciousness (based on sport models). Previous image corresponds to a Renault Wind, a two-seater Roadster model with an air of sports that will make travel in summer an experience more than needed. Renault Wind, it’s a convertible version of the Twingo, was in fact speculated that his name might be Twingo CC, but in the end have opted for Wind. This model of car measures 3.83 meters long and have a full process of folding and placing of the retractable hardtop. The contest will consist, if you’re one of the finalists, in a series of tests that you will have to do with the car (either the megane coupe or the renault wind) during a month in which shall be recorded by a computer as you accompany you at all times and shown live on their website. But not everything is so easy, you’ll soon pass the first draw that involves people from various countries by the number of participants is probably fairly high. If you want to participate only you will have to go to the page and sign up, hurry, that ends at the end of the month! and if at the end you’re one of the chosen, it will be just you choosing a car insurance.