Real Cultures

As the production and the consumption now they are mundializados, asgrandes corporations are gifts in almost all the places of the planet, acting as a great system, where the types, intensities and directions occur flows of all. In this conjuncture, telemtica16 acts of form to provoke alterations in the prticasculturais, in an attempt to more unify the diverse existing cultures in ummundo each globalizado day, therefore, independently of the localizaogeogrfica, computer science influences in the processes of diffusion of the information. Noentanto, such technological advances also provoke spalling, causing adiferenciao between the spaces and cultures instead of becoming them equal. Concomitantly to these new technologies of information, the media, of modogeral, acts as agent of first largeness, spreading out customs and cultures, as the call ' ' consumismo' '. In this direction, now we are in umtempo that it is of the television and the telerrealidade, where the cultures tend to aextrapolar the immediate Real, here now, emerging in the flow of a tempovirtual, of virtual images, consolidating the advent of the new technologies decomunicao. In this boarding, these novastecnologias of the information tend to lead to the formation of a new society deconsumidores, of citizens that bind its terminals to consume informaesinsignificantes or information on merchandises that could quickly be consumidasmais, being that also if it can adquiriz them with the minimum of effort. Had to this new configuration, Oak & Kaniski (2000), when analyzing the Sanchez Gamboa, notice that: The nosprocessos used information productive, in the taking of decisions, the generation of new tecnologiasso rigorously controlled. However, the information that generate dispersion, confusion, distraction, amusement, leisure or propagate a way of life, desmobilizadoras ideologies and fantasiadas conceptions of the world sodemocraticamente divulged (p.36). Of this form, to the speech of anlisesacima, we understand that in they disclose that the information to them of life styles generally estocarregadas, of vision of world, ideologies, values ede contravalues.