Catering Service Type

Catering – kind catering service, which allows you to organize banquets, cocktail parties, corporate events and entertainment in any place convenient for you: on the nature, banquet halls, office, or residence on the boat. Catering "Anshante-Catering" was created to provide a wide range of services in service, technical support and corporate events, banquets, for events such as wedding, anniversary, birthday, and presentations. See Viacom for more details and insights. Our main goal – every event you plan, organize on the highest level. Continue to learn more with: angel investor. For each project we try to find an original solution, that it may be interesting and fun, and memorable holiday. Catering staff "Anshante-Catering" will help you in organizing any event – will decide the issue of site selection, recommend a list of dishes with taking into account the needs of all your guests, offer you a variety of design options.

Our company has rich experience in organizing and holding banquets. Banquet of our company is a beautifully decorated table great food and always festive atmosphere and fun. We undertake the organization of events of any complexity. Cocktail and dinner – one of the most comfortable form of communication for the feast. Buffet table is useful for social conversations, when tables occupy a minimum space and not chained to his guests. Buffet table will help to maintain lightness and ease in business negotiations. Barbecue in the clearing of the forest, the lake or in the country with friends or employees – have a holiday and an excuse to break away from routine. But should we add to this delicious menu and quality service to our restaurant – and the rest will be a real treat. With each client we work individually, Considering his needs and wishes. We will not be difficult to realize any your wildest fantasies and unbelievable. You can be sure that you devise a reception or special event will be held just as you would like.

IVF Mother

Couples are not interested in the birth of a child. Stress, insecurity, social insecurity, and other psychogenic factors lead to an increase in the number of functional disorders of potential moms and dads. Women with psychogenic infertility Approximately 75% of women applied to functional infertility – women from large families. According to statistics, today in Ukraine large families only 3,5%. Need to clarify that the large family is family, having three or more children. In this situation will not affect the doctor's opinion that women suffering from psychogenic infertility, it is women who are just not psychologically ready for the birth of a child, although her husband insists, and all the relatives have long been demanding heir … The main thing is that many children is a traumatic experience for children, mostly related to financial problems.

Types of psychogenic infertility There are several types of infertility. Except female infertility, there are masculine and "intra-" Infertility. Each type of infertility is different. Typically, women with functional infertility have an overwhelming active mother and a weak, passive father in the family. Here we are confronted with the notion of 'Oedipus complex'. The term 'Oedipus complex' is borrowed from the legend tells of how Oedipus killed his father, married mother and she bore him children. Between the third and fifth year of life Oedipus complex reaches its peak. For example, the simplest and most schematic form of the Oedipus complex – the boy loves his mother and hates his father.

Typically, women with functional infertility not quite get is ordinary oedipal situation where mother plays the role of the father. A weak man in his childhood the girls leave on an unconscious level, a significant imprint. The imprint and gives it to be fertile as adults … The work of a psychologist at the Centers for infertility treatment Doctors of reproduction, which are engaged in artificial insemination, emphasize that patients with functional infertility need a psychologist. Institutions dealing with the problem of artificial insemination, not subsidized by the state, and not everyone can afford the maintenance of a psychologist. Many couples come to the problem of sterility of the small and remote towns of Ukraine, they hardly gather a certain amount money for IVF. And if the money is sometimes not enough for medical services, then, about a psychologist can we talk? Tears, despair, pain …. All this requires much effort on the part of the psychologist psychologist … no one can session to help the patient remove all psychological problems. Psychosomatic problems require long-term support from a psychologist, is … is a complex process. Psychogenic causes of infertility in each individual history of its own peculiarities. The key point is that, in his unconscious woman functionally sterile. For some reason, it is very personal, it can not identify with the way the mother can not be mature psychologically. The child who did not get the experience of motherhood, too, is at risk of psychogenic sterility. Psychologists point out that motherhood – it's not stuffy instinct, which is all girls …. Instinct is there, but it gets certain mechanisms. And he may not start. Scientists had proved that even in the animal world, the example of monkeys, maternal instinct will not run if the child has not been received experience in defense, security, tactile contact, and so with his mother.

The Best Restaurants in Vienna

Terms of Russians visiting Europe are constantly improving, and European cuisine is winning the hearts and stomachs of more and more of our tourists. But Europe, even a single – this is not a country. And in every – their culinary traditions, tastes and preferences, to know that at one point in Europe is almost impossible. And yet, in Europe there is a city in which overlapped and complemented each other's best dishes, sauces and desserts surrounding countries. It's – Vienna, the city of waltz and Mecca of all true gourmets. In fact, the very situation in Vienna contributed to this city were concentrated most advanced ideas of science, technology, art and, of course, cooking.

Experts argue that the taste coffee in Vienna – a lost man, because he can never drink the drink, "dried out banks." They say even that there is a variety of Viennese coffee, while in Vienna he was not growing. However, we can talk of "variety" – in fact the real Viennese coffee has been around for more than three hundred years. So what? If you happen to get to Vienna, then let one of the poets, and said: "I drink coffee in Vienna – will be cursed!" – Viennese coffee in restaurants should try sure! But before the coffee, of course, you should eat. And here opens tremendous opportunities for true connoisseurs. You are waiting for food, worthy of the best restaurants in Europe, prepared by the original technology, and full assurance that by ordering a Viennese restaurant nokerln Salzburg, you will get the same nokerln, which is prepared at the Salzburg. The same goes for any meat or fish dishes, as Viennese cuisine – Focus the best dishes of European countries. So whether you want to rush in search of a better meal, when all you can find it in one place?