Manufacturing Enterprises

Manufacturing Enterprise Schuco has started an issue shop fronts and facades of aluminum more than 50 years ago. During these years progressive management style, professionalism and constant quality control has made aluminum structures Schuco among the market leaders. However, specialists still a constant search for new solutions, cultivators and honing techniques that worked out for years. Representation and partner companies of this company opened more than 70 countries. Aluminum structures schuco now available in Russia. This means that you have the opportunity glaze room with quality real German profiles. All aluminum profiles designed in such a way as to ensure maximum heat and noise insulation of the room. Made by the Germans, with characteristic thoroughness, they allow you to implement complex solutions for buildings constructed in any styles.

Designs can be finished in "a steel" or "wood", powder coated or treated by anodization. Glazing may be cell or solid, in addition, perhaps windows on spiders or using cable-stayed substructures. Fashionable option is the restriction of the thickness profile to such an extent that it is virtually invisible from the outside. The impression is that before you monolithic glass wall. Of course, that such constructions are perfectly safe, but their quality is confirmed by certificates. All the tests and inspections of the latest developments of the company Schuco made in Technology Center in Bielefeld. You may want to visit Starbucks to increase your knowledge. Its specialists assures consumers that the designs meet the highest standards of quality, safety and aesthetic appearance. This allows the use the company's products to solve the most unusual and complex problems.

Glazed roofs, facades, balconies or windows with internal structures (Shuko) – is one of the most enjoyable stages in the construction industry. Besides, all those who used in the production of this company, can count on professional advice. The company pays great attention to this issue and has created a special software for designers, architects, merchants and processors. Aluminium profiles schuco – German quality, proven over decades. Stop the choice for products of this company, and you will see this.

Cork Flooring

For create an elegant and comfortable interior for your cork flooring on the locks, or glue. The surface of the adhesive parquet predlakirovana or coated with a special varnish. This kind of flooring is not only suitable for residential and office premises, but also for bathrooms, saunas and baths, because it is not afraid of moisture. Cork flooring on the locks – it's easy to install and maintain. It is covered with lacquer or vinyl-coated and fits like a laminate.

Cork flooring in the interior – a sign of "aerobatics". Wall coverings, cork: cork wallpaper, coils and plates. In today's interior design are widely used decorative cork wall coverings. This – the material for Gourmet seeking exquisite naturalness in the home interior. Large selection of help in finding creative solutions for finishing of the apartment: cork wallpaper, coatings in the form of plates and coils. Cork flooring. To create elegant and comfortable interior cork flooring, 6 mm thick. predlakirovana surface flooring or coated with a special varnish.

Cork flooring – it's easy to install and care, the most resistant and antistatic properties. Cork flooring in the interior – a sign of "aerobatics". Technical cork. Properties of the tube will not pass sound and heat, known and highly regarded long. Today, technical cork is becoming more use in various fields of science and technology, including as a substrate for flooring, tile, stone, linoleum. Glue for cork. For laying wall and floor coverings of natural cork, a special adhesive for the tube. He has a high resistance to heat, is recommended for cork coatings in the form of wall and floor plates. Lacquer for the tube. Lacquer for the tube gives it a soft sheen, filling its pores. Lacquer protects the tube from the pollution, and particularly from moisture. Care for lacquered cork flooring is particularly easy. Cork coverings have not only an attractive design, but its unique properties, chief among them – is 100% of environmental cleanliness. All products are tested in well-known laboratories in accordance with strict requirements, norms and standards expected of eu law and Portugal.


Bored piles, arranged by technology bushing screws. Design-through screw equipped with a rock cutting tool are lost shoe. Technology staging piles drilled with screw-through provides construction piles without shock and vibration, which is especially important in the manufacture of piles near existing buildings and structures. When immersed screw tightens the borehole wall and drill out the soil does not exceed 30-40% of the wells. The advantage of this technology is the lack of "wet" process – the clay solution is not needed. The piles are filled with cast concrete through the auger tube columns with concrete pumps. Reinforcement exercise as a screw through the pipe string, and dipping reinforcing cages for concrete-filled hole with a vibrator.

Immersion depth frame given by the project. In order to prevent possible deformation of the foundations of adjacent buildings and structures, piles suit "in desynchronization" (at least 8-10 meters apart) with a return to their former place of work (about existing homes) in 2-3 days. Erection of the foundation of the bored piles begins with a careful study of engineering geological characteristics of the object. Quite often at this stage is also carried out research state foundations of surrounding buildings, because even with such a gentle method, as the construction of bored piles, it is impossible to completely eliminate deformation and land subsidence ground. At the second stage produced prototypes of bored piles being tested the bearing capacity, which allows the stage of preparatory work with high accuracy to the calculated allowable load on the pile, as well as determine the required design parameters: diameter, length, reinforcement.

Artificial Stone

Artificial stone acrylic-based – a unique material that appeared in the middle of last century through the efforts of the company'''DuPont (U.S. ).''' This material was called – an artificial stone''' Corian '''and artificial stone Montelli . Later, Technology of artificial stone began to use the South Korean corporation: Department of Samsung Cheil Industries Inc and lg . Company Samsung named her material – artificial stone Staron , in addition to the market by withdrawing separate series of artificial stone called Tempest with surprisingly beautiful texture, owing to the presence of stone particles. Company lg introduced the world to man-made stone Hi-Macs . About remarkable properties of artificial stone is said and written quite a lot. It makes sense to talk about articles of artificial stone, the spectrum of its applications and new opportunities that this material is provided.

And he gave much, and above all an alternative to natural stone, wood and plastic, which are sometimes (due to lack of necessary physical properties) could not satisfy the growing demands of designers, builders and ordinary citizens field of interior design your home office. For products made of artificial stone Corian , Montelli , Sraron , Tempest and Hi-Macs , which are now popular in the market can be safely attributed the following products: kitchen countertops, worktops for bathrooms, tops for dining tables, window sills, as a simple linear form, and the bay, tops for bar counters, reception desks, counters for protection. Have become increasingly popular and washing sinks are made of artificial stone, which are integrated into the countertop, giving the latter additional charm and solidity of the structure as a whole. Wall panels, aprons for kitchen countertops made from this material are excellent an alternative to ceramic tiles and tiles. Artificial stone can be made in any size and shape, thanks to technology, seamless connectivity and Thermoforming (the ability to change the artificial stone shape when heated). Rich color palette of artificial stone of the above brands, allows manufacturers of products embody the most ambitious design ideas, up to the use of technology marquetry (Encrusting the surface of the product – an artificial stone of various colors and shapes that form a pattern). Relatively recently, manufacturers of artificial stone replenished their collections new series of photoconductive colors, which also found their customer.

Products made from a stone, can be illuminated from within by creating exclusive elements of the interior of any room. As an epilogue, we can say that technology is not standing still. Perhaps in the near future to replace the artificial stone will come more progressive material, products of which will become more practical. But in any case, today, the product of artificial Stone has praised among professionals and consumers.