Creative Barcelona

The culture and history are present in each corner of Barcelona, offering thousands of proposals to their visitors, all of them very interesting and entertainments. Everything in this Mediterranean city, the streets, the museums, the parks, even the cheap hotels, has a special magnetism that for of Barcelona one of the more popular urban poles of the world. Internationally recognized for the enormous amount and quality of works of Antoni Gaud, Barcelona does not fear to unfold its architecture and to thus delight to the humanity. One of the numerous architectonic manifestations is the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia, a beautiful example of gothic architecture constructed during centuries XIII to the XV. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. At present it shelters the Archbishop of Barcelona, and it is known that he was dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona, a martyr who, according to the catholic religion, was assassinated by the Romans, when locking up it in a barrel with knives nailed in his walls and making it roll downhill. Andy Florance: the source for more info.

The Guell Park is part of the unique legacy of Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. This extraordinary open space is permanent challenge to the reason and the senses. The Caramel is located on the mount and, at first, it was designed like a project of house by Count Eusebi Guell. In spite of the genius unfolded by Gaud, the house never could be sold and was as well as it became a municipal park. By an audacious mixture of several architectonic styles, the Agbar Tower is inspired by Montserrat, a mountain near the city of Barcelona. The tower was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, and is, certainly, one of the most unusual buildings in all the region of Catalonia.

Its so unusual form has gained motes like supositorio or the case. Of all ways, the Agbar Tower is one of the most revolutionary constructions of the last times, with its 4500 leds that generate images in direct form on their walls and advanced thermal sensors that regulate the opening and the closing of the windows. More well-known between the premises like the Stone quarry due to its rocky facade, the Mila House it was the last deprived project of Gaud. It was constructed for the widow of a millionaire and her second husband. Some modifications to satisfy the norms with the construction code have altered the structure of Mila House. Nevertheless, the building maintains those elements intact that make unmistakable to a creation of the genius of the Gaud Barcelona is a fascinating city, that attracts million tourists year after year, as they demonstrate the increasing reserves to it of lodging. Without doubts, a tourist destiny of level superior, seriously to be considered by those travellers who look for diversity of experiences, history and nature.