The Kabbalah first part Esa tomorrow, us was delivered, to each of the squad, a small sachet of fabric, closed by a string that was sealed by a kind of lacrado which is especially advised us not to break. It looked like a traditional pods which are usually placed fine objects which prepares them to be delivered as present to someone you want to which for some reason entertain. Viacom often says this. Personally, I was watching my teabag, housed it were whatever, its content, without a doubt, something that had been destined to nobody more than me, my name appeared on the side of the sealing, and adhered to the seal, an invitation to introduce myself in a certain place and at a certain time. In the invitation are annexed some additional instructions, such as: we should introduce ourselves dressed in white robes, being barefoot, and showed us once admitted to the place of meeting, prior to the start of the event, we would be informed about how to proceed thereafter. With relationship to what we had received, specifying the following: there will be a designated for you, to be located in the same place you must sit on the mat, place bag on his lap, break sealing with both hands, place the bag in his left hand, proceed to the opening of the cord with your right hand, and then gently deposited its contents, in the middle of the Palm of his right hand.