Abstract Concepts

Concept – it is thought that reflects a set of properties inherent in a number of objects, the set with respect to which a given number of objects forms a specific class of objects (Abstract concept), or thought, reflecting a set of properties of specific object properties, for which the object is a certain class of objects (concrete concept). Concept is also formed through association by similarity in the process of comparing the individual images of the submission of their relationship with the objects of a certain number in order to meet their needs with the images of the submission linkages own kind for the same purpose with the objects of the same series. In this comparison formed temporary connections, reflecting a common part of all these linkages, and finally forming an abstract reflection of brain properties, which is inherent in the objects of this series and through which all interaction with the objects of a given number of individuals, including themselves, satisfy their needs. Speaking candidly Apple told us the story. That is, there the property is separated not only from a number of concrete objects, they possess, but also from a number of specific customers for this property, including themselves. Concept – a combination of temporary connections, forming an abstract image of the inherent properties of a certain number of objects (Abstract concept), or a set of temporary connections, forming abstract patterns specific object properties (concrete concept). An integral component of the concept is its symbol – the word – with the nerve mechanisms of reproduction and the perception that the appropriate image associated time constraints. Visit iPhone 12 for more clarity on the issue.

Why Do We Need Affirmations ?

Before answering this question, let's get the very definition of affirmations. So, as always, we turn to . As it is written: "The affirmation – a short phrase containing a verbal formula, which, if repeated repetition establishes the desired image or set in the subconscious mind of man. " Yes, indeed, affirmations are a very effective way under the action of the subconscious. At constant recitation of these phrases indicated a positive result for the impact, almost always.

But only under certain conditions. What are these conditions? First of all – absolute faith in action this method. Well, for example, we want to quit smoking and started talking a special affirmations, but after several days without seeing the remarkable results already smokes around the corner and all say that it absolutely does not help. Success depends directly on the willingness of everyone really get a positive result. When working with affirmations should be a system that regulates how and when to say these phrases. Of course, that the effect of the utterance is enhanced if we do it every day, and preferably more than once. Usually opt for the morning hours, when we were still in bed, and in the evening when we were in bed.

Optimal choice can be considered to write affirmations in the form of a diary for the night, in a state "Half asleep", ie when the eyes are closed and the reading of these expressions in the morning, when the eyes are only okrylis. Why is that? The fact that in these moments of opportunity to negotiate with your subconscious mind is much higher than usual. As mentioned in previous article, when a person relaxes " the process of the left (logical) hemisphere begins to slow, and the right (abstract), conversely, accelerate. Some scientists believe it is in right hemisphere is unconscious, or at least, there are some channels through which one can establish direct contact with the subconscious. " And when a person is relaxed, – just before bedtime or when only woke up. Affirmations must express the essence of the desired action ibyt extremely short. It is desirable to exclude from your phrases all the words with the particles 'no', and verbs to use, whenever possible, in the present tense. Examples affirmations you can find in our reading room in the books of Louise Hay and Natalia Pravdina effectiveness of subliminal techniques, I tried it on myself more than once. Thus, I stopped drinking alcohol and got rid of the addiction to smoking, get rid of laziness and received many useful skills to help me in everyday life. All this can be found in my book "The Workshop goal." By popular demand, I reviewed the conditions for obtaining his book in full. Now anyone can have it at home, enough only to write to me at the address

Thomas Hobbes

22) In this manner, ‘ ‘ prncipe’ ‘ it is informed of the condition to conquer and if to keep as authority feared for the conquered people. In this context he is obvious that politics, for Maquiavel, is the condition to conquer and to conserve the power. Pete Cashmore has plenty of information regarding this issue. Politics would be the art of gestar, managing and to keep the power, or the art to conquer and to conserve the power. On the other hand, the politics is also a submission strategy where the ones that governs must submit the governed ones so that the first ones if keep in the power and the last ones if they hold in order not to threaten the condition assumed for the governor. Maquiavel (1996, p.47), says that ‘ ‘ (…) a wise prince must find a way for which its citizens, always and in any time, have necessity of the state and it; thus, they always it will be fieis’ ‘. The subjection is the main condition of the politics that allows the government to acquire and to keep the power. Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679), author of the workmanship ‘ ‘ Leviat’ ‘ , it points two ways it government to acquire the power, one would be for the force and to another one for the subjection. ‘ ‘ The sovereign power can be acquired in two ways.

One of them is the natural force, when a man compels its children if to submit, and these to submit its descendants, to its authority, in the measure where it is capable to destroy them in refusal case. Or when a subject man, by means of the war, its enemies to its will, granting to them it life with this condition. To another way he is when the men agree between itself to if submitting a man, or to an assembly of men, voluntarily, with the hope to be protected for it against everything.

The Beings

Therefore, after to operate a separation between the Christian theology and the medieval philosophy, extracting of this incision the fragility of a metaphysics of the individual, Occam points the place with respect to which each one of the fields must follow. The theology supported for the dogmas of the Christian faith must exclusively base for the acceptance spiritual, turning itself toward the practical and ethical action. The philosophy has as study object only the given real world as object of its knowledge, exempts of the unnecessary speculations that if interpose in the formularization of this knowledge. 8. THE OCCAM RAZOR. ' ' Entia non sunt multiplicanda to praeter necessitatem' ' it is not multiplied the beings if it will not be necessary. This is the canon that allows to the operation of separation between the philosophy and the theology, as well as marks the end of the medieval scholastic and new modern science.

As it was displayed throughout the speech, Occam creates critical consistent and elaborated, at the same time a bothering one, in which it operates the separation between the theology and the philosophy, fitting the theology, in this direction, to become negative and limited, that is, only affirming what God is not. Still for this track, it in such a way has a rejection of Occam to the tests prepared for S. Toms de Aquino for existence of God how much to the formularization of the analogical being, if I also extend to the univocal being of D. Scotus. None of these Metaphysical concepts has authority, fallacious seno, to make a speech and to support what it affirms. Occam all points the time with respect to the contingent qualities of the only accessible individuals to int

How To Become A Genius

Is it difficult to propose a new idea, something to invent or discover? Is it destiny elected? What you need to open a brand new? Case? Knowledge? Perseverance? What else? Interesting questions and they should understand. Rousseau and Spinoza is very welcome regular purposeful meditation on the problem. Ponder, turn it this way and that – and, look, come across a solution. What place and what time of day chosen to purposefully meditate about the problem – a matter of taste and habit. For example, Dekartunravilos think immediately after waking up in bed.

Of course, the famous philosophers have not denied the 'insights' and 'insight'. But here the unexpected happens, so the 'Guaranteed' otkrytiigovorit not necessary. For example, Charles Gudir invented a method of vulcanization of rubber, accidentally dropped the rubber mixed with sulfur on a hot stove. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by carelessness – badly washed tubes. Unfortunately, a regular 'by thinking' on the problem it can not be solved. Otherwise, everything would be easy – just to encourage the efforts of professional 'dumateley' to get some time 'Guaranteed' otkrytieili invention.

It is even easier – to entrust the 'thinking' computer. He never gets tired, he does not need food, he can 'think' 24 hours a day. It is also true that apart from constant thinking problems as well requires a certain chutzpah and courage to deny authority. And this is a purely human qualities, associated with high energy individual that is typical for people gifted or enthusiastic. As is known, famous inventor Robert Wood secret of the so-called 'pink' gold pharaohs, his secret for a hundred years, has allowed in the hotel room with his wife's manicure set, stove and nail polish. Development new ideas can go carefully and long. Everyone knows the author of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin, who worked on it for twenty years. Much less is known, that the first foundations of the theory of evolution Darwin did not set out as a young biologist Alfred Russel Wallace. The main tenets of the theory of evolution he advanced during the week and was preparing to publish them shortly before Darwin. Authoritative British scientists have asked Wallace to give priority to Darwin – in a kind of Darwin studied the theory of evolution earlier and longer. And so we can not say for sure as the 'right' to address the problem – hope for 'inspiration' or methodically and consistently to experiment. Yet the fact remains that the world's scientists are much more able to think logically and beautifully set out, but do not make discoveries. Science move basically loners. What is involved here – wit, observation, and a special mentality and way of thinking, like Edison? It is still unknown. Another curious fact – from inventors ideas are much more likely than ordinary mortals. But the most interesting that the opening is not necessarily committed to the facts or the outcome experiments that are inconsistent with existing scientific theories. Often enough to take a new look and interpret the existing provisions, make 'inventory' is already known patterns. So Einstein found a new 'look' on all the known facts, which were then fitted to the theory of Newton, and gave them a new interpretation. But Einstein's example gives a practical way to obtain new knowledge – new knowledge may provide another systematization and interpretation of the already known. That's all!